Friday, May 01, 2009

Weekend Roundup

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So I didn't take a photo today. Too bad too I look cute. I just am not feeling it. More on that later.
So here is Monday through Friday at least. This week the weather has been all over the map. It was mild on Monday, hot as hell on Tuesday, Wednesday was mild with a bit of a chill and yesterday ran the gamut from really warm and really cold. It is impossible to dress for this weather. Today I have on jeans and a short sleeve blazer but I think it will be too warm. bah! My hair is all kinds of hilarious today as well. Its really big and the underside is curly curly!

The Bumpit review and video and or photos will be done this weekend. I just needed someone to take pictures while I did it and the husband is still in class everynight of the week. (3 more weeks til he is done! Well for the semester anyways)

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