Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Wednesday why are you so dreary?

Rain AGAIN. Supposed to rain til Sunday at least. ugh.

This is my 399th unique outfit post. A few people appear to have upwards of 600 in the pool but if you look at them they upload a detail shot and outfit everyday. So just speaking outfits tomorrow will be 400. I feel like I should do something special. Since this is "only" my 399 and it has been 3 years it shows that I do not infact post daily like some think I do.

Marc Jacobs-esque Purple cap sleeve dress Target. It has pockets! It also has an industrial zipper up the back and the hem is actually elastic. Makes walking a bit funny but only if you take large steps your liable to snap it back on yourself. I forgot to take back shot so I ganked one for you.

Tights no idea. Brand new on a card. I ripped them putting them on GRRRRR
Shoes Isaac Mizrahi Target. I forgot these this morning. I am wearing my commuting shoes. GRRRR
Monocle or magnifying glass Necklace Marc Jacobs
Sweater Banana Republic Its cotton and cashmere and perfect for a awful gross rainy day.

Makeup I did something new today. Well you know Monday I finally tried the moisturizer/foundation blend well today I added a dab of shimmer before I mixed. Mind you my makeup is still wet here but I like the result.

Please note no pictures before Dec 7 2007 are in w_r anymore as I accidentally was booted on that date and lost the previous year + of photos from the pool. :(


Sal said...

Ach, that dress is darling. Sounds a little tricky to walk in, but totally worth it.

Anonymous said...

New reader, just want to say I <3 u!!! I'm constantly blown away by the Target stuff you get that I see and think "I could never pull that off" but you do it amazing. I might just try some of them myself afterall....

hillary said...

Sal. At 5'3.5 my steps aren't that big so it is worth it. ha! and thanks.

C LO thank you so much! And thank you for coming on over!

Rachael said...

Super chic and I'm loving the sultry expression in the first pic :)