Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Tuesday you scallywag

Bright orangy red shirt with ruffle collar H&M
Red and white stripe tank H&M
Navy and white stripe pants Gap (see below for a detail of stripe)
Shoes Kohls
Vest Gap
Bracelets, Pandora and Tiffany's
Earrings QVC Heidi
Watch Kenneth Cole

"pocket watch" old lipgloss necklace I took apart and made into a "pocket watch"

So Daddylikey asked last week on her blog, "Do you buy things with your name on them?"
Now I was born in the AHEM late 70's and at that time Hillary was not a very common name. Growing up I never had anything with my name on it. While other little Emily and Heathers were wearing little whale barrettes with their name on it, I was stuck wearing ones with long ribbons my mom made me. It wasn't til about the time Clinton won his second term in 96 (my first voting election!) that Hillary even started appearing on items. By that time I was 18 and too old for whale barrettes but I admit to this day I buy almost anything with my name on it. Usually it is something random and never very helpful.
I have become a little more selective but I do admit to buying a rubber ducky a few months back that said Hillary. I had a necklace made on etsy a few weeks ago with it on it.
Click photo to buy your own custom one. Tell her I sent you if you do please. :)
What can I say I like my name. Legally because some clerk fell asleep on her typewriter, according to the US government my legal first name is Hillary Leia, Leia being my middle name according to me and my family. I had never seen anything with Leia on it. (being the spelling Lucas used. Hey I warned you I was born in late 70's) That was until last month. I saw a pair of shoes I liked at Kohls. I went to look for my size and guess what? (I know you know where this is going but humor me) they were name LEIA! I about plotzed. (yeah I dunno) Ok not really but I have been trying to use that word cause it makes me giggle. So of course I bought said shoes. I am wearing them today and telling anyone who will listen and one who wasn't they were named Leia.

So what about you? Do you buy things with your name on them?


Sal said...

Even if they HADN'T been middle-namesake shoes, I'm glad you brought those lovelies home. They're amazing!

I don't typically buy stuff with my name on it, but I have an "S" necklace that I totally dig.

Anonymous said...

My mom actually adjusted the spelling of my name from what she was first thinking just so I could have a childhood full of personalized pencils and license plates for my bike. She was thinking about splitting up Kimberly into two words making it my first and middle name - Kimber Leigh.
As for now, I don't buy anything with my name actually on it, but I do a double take whenever Kimberly is the style name of something. Like these Tory Burch Sandals - my liking of them is definitely increased because of their name!

Love the navy sandals and the whole outfit!!

MLE said...

When I was a kid, Emily was actually quite UNcommon. It wasn't until I was in my teens that it started becoming popular. When I was 7, everyone had nameplates for their bedroom door with their names and a Holly Hobbie style bunch of flowers. How I wanted one! But while there was Martha, and Joan, and Ann, there was never an "Emily."
But no, I don't buy things with my name on them. I don't know why not. I should!

hillary said...

Emily was the name they always did have and I would get so mad but buy one because my BFF was and is Emily.

Kimberly. Kimber leigh is cute but I like your name how it is. My mom changed my name I was Brianne! ugh.

Sal you name isn't sal right? I thought I remembered reading it but can't for the life of me remember. I buy h items. I had to settle for h items most my life but still like them. I am a libra and there is something soothing to my inner self the symmetry of an H.

anna said...

i'll second the Leia shoes-- great find, even if they weren't your middle name!

I have a similar first name/2 name problem. My full first name is Anna Lisa, even though it's spelled with a break- people just assume it's my middle name, but in true southern style, i am called by both names. Some people call me by just first my first name, others by both, and the mr. calls me Arnie or Arnold Jackson.

Believe it or not, when I was a kid, finding something with "anna" on it was impossible. Now, it's not so hard.

hillary said...

The question is though which do you PREFER?

softspoken said...

everything was always "RACHEL" instead of "RACHAEL", so i never got any personalized barrettes either.

MitzyG said...

Geez, my name really is Mitzy. Yeah, I know. No, it's not a nickname or short for anything. My parents gave me a stripper name. Then they spelled it wrong. I have never seen one single thing that was ready-made with Mitzy, spelled like that. I haven't even seen that many things spelled Mitzi.
So, yeah, if I ever saw anything with my name on it, I would buy it in a heartbeat. Unless it was a dog collar.
I do have a name necklace (a la SATC) but I custom ordered one in silver and one in gold.