Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Tuesday it's the new Monday

The shirt is delicate and thin and the wind was STRONG.

Shirt with lacey stuff and its so soft. Gap mega sale
Denim Trousers the pleated ones H&M
Moccassins by Minnetonka bought at Clarks trained bears trading post.
Tank H&M
Necklace Avon
Earrings Hilary Duxman
Ring High Gear

I did my hair like this yesterday and I really dug it. It was an attempt at Zooey's hair in the cotton commercial. I know it's not right I stopped halfway because I liked it like this. Hers has the back up too. Getting up for work was difficult today. I couldn't fall asleep last night til almost 2 so I am a bit zombie like and don't have anything of great interest to say.

What do you do when you can't sleep at night?


anna said...

well, you look really adorable--- I can't believe you look so fresh on such few hours of sleep!

When I can't sleep, I knit and watch old movies. I ALWAYS fall asleep and then lose a few stitches in the process!

hillary said...

thank you
I lay my clothes out the night before and I use a heavy hand with the face shimmer and concealer.

dawn said...

Aww, the moccassins are really fun. I used to have a pair, little booties with fringe and beads. Okay that was back in the early '90s, but I'm still digging it.

Sal said...

Fab necklace, lady!

rabespierre said...

dear hillary's blog, thank you for giving me a much needed break in the middle of the day! i love love love the braid. and the outfit. xxx hilary/hermsprong

hillary said...

hilary you know I am trying to be you right? I study your hair pics like they are a text book.