Thursday, May 14, 2009

Thursday, the finish line is in sight!

Doesn't happen often that I have two photos I like and can't decide which to post. Its usually
well ok my eyes aren't as closed in this one.

So it was between above two.

I also gave you a photo of my new version of the nerd push. Its much funnier than the middle of the bridge push on glasses.

This is a close up on coat. Why am I explaining? Well hrm why not.

Coatty thingy Target
Shirt H&M a long time ago.
Jeans Gap these are the ones with the nice white line down them that I convinced myself make me look taller. Especially since I am more of a uberdark jeans girl most the time.

Shoes (lemon not banana thank you) Aldo for $12 which I think is the exact price to pay for shoes you don't wear often. BUT they aren't cheap shoes. I told myself I was over all that. They are leather and leather soled. They just also happened to be marked down 8493 times.
What other people didn't want sparkly yellow shoes? Why the heck not?

Today my question to you is, what was the first article of clothing you remember loving? Something you felt special in?

Mine is a toss up because I don't know which came before what. My mom might be able to tell you.
It is between my kindergarten graduation dress.
At one point in my life I was the tall one.yes at one point in my life I was the "tall" one. I have always been older than kids in my grade. (birthday is 6 days after the school district cut off to start school. My mom even petitioned school board and they said no way)
It was a delicate purple and had a tiny little coat. I remember thinking it was the most beautiful thing I had ever seen. I had a lot of frilly little dresses growing up but this one was extra special because I got to help pick it out.

The other item is a peach short dress and hot pants outfit my mom made me.
someone wondered if I was always into fashion.I had a matching hair ribbon. I loved it because well it was frilly and pretty but also because it had shorts! I was no tomboy, not this girl, but I could play in it. Because don't all little girls want to play in a frilly dress? (eh no? Well I was a warped child so it is not a surprise really)


Lmac said...

I loveee your hair color and your aldo shoes are amazing! The first c.i I can remember loving is a skirt from JC Penny. It was the first item I ever bought that actually fit my body and showed my legs. I've come along way from that skirt :)

Sal said...

Can't decide if I love the jacket or the shoes more ... it's a toss-up.

My first beloved article of clothing was my Wonder Woman costume that my mom made me when I was 4. Man, I wish I still had that thing.

Heather said...

I was three and I had these green shorts and a brown and yellow tshirt with a huge lion's head on the front. I wore that ALOT.

hillary said...

heather would you happen to be a Leo?

Kelly said...

I love this outfit - the jacket is awesome and the extra bow peeking out of the neckline is unexpected but I like it! And your hair!

And you were an adorable little kid!

I remember really loving my blue polka dot underpants when I was really little. Other than that I can't remember totally loving anything until my first communion dress which I thought was totally gorgeous. I know I did love things before that, I just can't remember which specific ones!

Eyeliah SS said...

Great yellow top! Mine was a white with pink sailor dress, it was epic. There are many pics of me in it too. :-)

Heather said...

Gemini. hehe and I don't really like cats all that much (except of course for Boo Boo Gataki and Daisy).

D'Rae said...

love that coat! Is it a recent purchase?

my favorite is a toss up between 2 outfits. One was the flower girl dress I wore in my aunts wedding. It was dusty rose and frilly and pretty and I always wore it, my mom had to throw out because i still wore it even when I outgrew it.

the second one was a pink dress that kinda frilled out at the drop waist. It had a big screen print of a dog and cat on the front with yellow and aqua. I wore it with aqua leggings. and a pair of jelly shoes