Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Stay up til 4 in the morning and the tears are pouring.

Ok so there were no tears, nor any staying up til 4 in the morning. But it is raining. That has to count for something.
Cold and rainy BAH

Silk shirt Marimekko for H&M
Sweetheart jeans Old Navy
Shoes Trish of Capri for Target. Yes those are rhinestone turtles! And I am almost 5' 8" woooot
Tank Newport News
Earrings and Bracelet Gift from husband it was handmade in Thailand
Flower H&M

I had hot pink lips on and black liner today for makeup but the dark hallway photos lost it all.
I feel a little weird posting a pic of my toes. So be kind.

Ok so remember how yesterday we were talking about wearing the same thing twice? Exactly the same? Well this morning. I was looking for my Gap trousers and I found them and decided they had faded too much. They weren't dark blue but more a muddy blue now so I swapped out my pants. Then I was looking for a pink tank. Not one in particular because none were coming to mind but one that would go. I went with black because it was all I could find. Then I was trying on necklaces and earrings and thinking NOTHING went with this. Then I saw the Thai stuff and thought OOOH it has all the colors. I was thinking to myself I have created a new outfit and I am so creative. Then as I am posting my pics I look up the last time I wore this shirt and actually took a picture.

Damn same pants (well almost those are the now retired ones) Same necklace, bracelet and earrings! AND if I could of found that tank I would of worn it. I had completely forgotten about it and am sitting here wondering where the hell it is. Well my husband comments regularly how I am the most consistent person on the planet, even when I don't know I am doing it. Man my hair grows slow! This is an entire year ago and I have only "trimmed" it twice.

So my question to you is, do you repeat outfits without knowing it, thinking you are creating something new? I guess you do that when you have 398 unique outfit posts. You are gonna repeat even if you try not to. I only take a pic when I "think" its a combo you have never seen.


Anonymous said...

Wardrobe_Remix has been a double edged sword for me.

On one hand, it definitely pushes me to come up with new outfits & be creative & dress a hell of a lot better than I used to.

On the other hand, I now have an outfit catalog which I can reference if I'm running late or being lazy. In which case, I try not to take another w_r pic when I do this.

I do think, however, that these two outfits are totally different. Excellent remixin', my dear!

Honeybunches of Roses said...

I use to repeat my outfits all the time and I don't mean remix I mean the exact same thing. One of the many reason I started a blog because I have so much clothes and for some reason I kept gravitating towards the same thing.

Found you through Kimberly at Fab finds. I think your mom looks great and I love how she is hamming it up!

Like the previous poster, I tend to me lazy on the weekends and I'll check what I wore and wear it again, but it has been fun trying not to wear the same thing.