Monday, May 18, 2009

So you had a bad day

Oh jeeez I am using bad song lyrics, this blog officially just jumped the shark.

Well anyways, I did in fact have a bad day. Why doesn't matter. Just trust me it was bad.

Then walking home there were some "young" girls (anyone under 20 looks like an infant to me but I'd say they were much older than when it is still cool to be a girl scout, I'd say they were 15, they were at bad eyeliner phase) So they were standing on the island in the middle of State street in Boston. (smart girls 5:30pm where the financial district) dumps out. I bought myself one expensive box of the oatmeal peanut butter ones. See no girl scout hit me up this year. First time in my life that happened. The amazing Masami sent me some after I whined on this very blog about no hitting up so I didn't suffer too much. (ooh whining gets me things? This is bad knowledge to have)

I meet up with my husband at Faneuil hall and he kept turning funny and I finally saw the gift bag stuck in his messenger bag.(He was well aware of bad day, he talked me down earlier in the day) He got me a very frivilous and fantastic patent leather lobster keychain. He said he was quintesential Boston and he knew I wanted "Purse Bling" (I blame GalaDarling. I am impressionable at times, I am not immune. shut up.)

I have a nice meal with my husband at Wagamama (I learned tonight they have a kids menu with 3 things on it I like! I previously only ate there cause dave COULD. I didn't like it.) So I had a cheap meal that I LIKED and I insisted I get dessert. (I have had dessert in a restaurant less than 10 times in MY LIFE I can safely say) So I got a ginger cheese cake. I ate it upside down cause the crust was spicey sweet. SO GOOD. If your ever in Europe or Boston I suggest you hit a Wagamama up for it and their fountain soda they get the mix just right.

When we get home in the mail was a beautiful handwritten letter from the amazing Eden. If you don't know here you need to check her out. Warning she is girl crush material.

You can't see in the card cause I am selfish and don't want to share. It was LOVELY.

What am I saying with this? That I can be bought off with presents? Well apparently today I can.

But I haven't told you the best part. (Hey who doesn't like to brag now and again. It is my blog. Yes I am 5)

I came home to a box on my doorstep. Megan had a mug made for me. Last week my status message on IM was "I need a 'get off my lawn' mug who can make this happen"

Well she can apprently.


TigerLily said...

the red lobster is so cute ^o^ and the mug and card are so lovely, those girls you mention are so creative ^__^


Ms. Pants said...

zomg! The mug!! I die for the mug!!!