Tuesday, May 26, 2009

quiet weekend

My weekend on the whole was quiet. As of 11pm on Thursday Dave was done with school for the semester so Saturday was his first day to sleep in. We slept til 11:30 and it was fantastic. We went out to lunch and walked the 3.5 miles home and stopped along the way.
Dave surprised me with a kit of mermaid nail polishes and I finally got my paws on OPI drops which instantly dries polish. My nails are newly manicured and toes newly pedicured so he let me test it out on one of his nails. Color me impressed. It dried lickity split.
I am willing my nails to chip before I leave for Florida so I can try the dreamy teal color.
We watched about 20 hours of Jon and Kate + 8. We went from never having seen it to seeing almost every episode in one weekend. We played Trivial Pursuit and I won of course. (go me I know more TRIVIAL information!)
But all in all it was pretty low key. Yesterday we went out for soup as Dave poor thing was sick most the weekend.

Oh and I cut my bangs after seeing this photo Dave took of me at lunch yesterday. I really need to dye my hair but I am kinda boycotting the whole thing.
I walked around a little on my own after lunch and Dave went to lay down. I emailed him photos of things I liked. We decided on this outfit.

Two things I don't wear often t-shirts and shorts. I always hate how shorts look but these are mid tone grey and pinstripes and more formal cut so they worked nicely with my ample behind. I hope to wear them soon!


Heather said...

great shorts and I really like that top on you - I don't think you wear vee-necks very often but this is great. Just the right amount of cleavage.

hillary said...

heather if I don't wear a scoop neck or v neck I look like I weigh 20-30 extra lbs. The crew neck look is AWFUL on me. Not flattering. On the other end I am very modest so I usually wear a tank under them.

hillary said...

read that wrong. I almost exclusively own v-necks.