Friday, May 22, 2009

Oh friday I could kiss you.

It was very windy when taking these.

My coworker and I were talking about long skirts yesterday. I said I don't have any. Then last night I saw Megankill's long tiered skirt and it hit me. I DO have one. I haven't worn it since Dec 17 2002! Even this one doesn't fit it. I have it hiked up so far its hilarious. I just in general think that wearing a floor length skirt is best suited for the over 5'3" crowd. Also this one reminds me so much of my hippie upraising. Basically everything I am not anymore. In high school I would of worn peace sign earrings with it and little braids in my hair. Or combat boots. I flipflopped between the two.

Skirt Express in Key West on my honeymoon
Flip flops Marc Jacobs (they match!)
Shirt Ann Taylor Loft
Necklace Subversive line for Target

I can safely wear this color combination because my boss' boss is out. She always proclaims I look like Halloween or a jack o lantern if I wear black and orange. Some people are so narrow minded in their color pairing.

It is gonna be 90 today. (yes it was 40's on oh Monday?) So this bridges the 90's outside 65 in my office. (no really it is)

What are your plans for the upcoming weekend? do tell!


Katie said...

First, I'm going to work really really hard to finish a project.

Then I'm going to finish packing.

Then I'm going to drive to the airport and park. Take the shuttle to the terminal, check in, and then get on a plane to Newark, where I will stay for 4 hours. Then I'll get on a plane to Athens, Greece, then I'll take the bus to Rafina, then I'm going to find the place that I can pick up my ticket for the ferry, then I'm going to futz around with all my luggage, then I'm going to take the ferry to Mykonos, then I'm going to catch the hotel shuttle to the hotel and meet up with my friends and the bride to be, then I'll probably get drunk and party, and eat, and hang out by the beach and well, I don't have anything really planned once I get to the island.

(I'm a fan of the run on 'and then, and then' stories. Plus, I'm ridiculously excited and can't concentrate...useless at work today)

Oh, and I'm going to take lots and lots of photos...and put them on flickr. I may even dedicate them to people instead of sending post cards.

Kelly said...

Friday: Trick BF into going to see Wolverine with me!

Saturday: Eat a pancake breakfast on my porch and go to the farmer's market downtown! Less fun, I will be sweeping and pressure-washing the driveway while BF fixes his deathtrap of a car.

Sunday: Go to the zoo to see the new animal babies!

Monday: Who knows! The world is my oyster! ahhhhh!

Lydia said...

I think your long skirt looks lovely! I have an extreme fetish with looooong skirts (as evidenced by my last post :)--it looks really good on you! :)