Tuesday, May 19, 2009

This dress is navy blue.

Not black ok? (sorry I am being persnickety, Just every time I wear I get how people like the black with red. )

Navy blue dress. It has cute short sleeves but its cold Target
Tank H&M
Leggins Dorothy's Costume
Cheap shoes Payless. I know I said I was over cheap shoes and I don't even know why I went in there but you know I haven't owned white shoes in 20 years. I just loved how they reminded me of Marily Monroe (skinny heel and vintage cut? cork-like heel? not sure why I make the connection) I added gooey innersoles to make them more bearable.
Ring Marc Jacobs
Necklace H&M
Jean jacket Gap of course.

That tiny scar on my foot is a fire ant scar they are nasty little bastards and the scar is from over 7 years ago.

I made two braids and x'd them over my head. I saw a photo of a single braid headband on Effie actually a Boston native as well, Midwestjess's page but I liked it and thought I would make it my own.

This wasn't my most flattering photo today but it was by far the funniest. Funny wins of beauty to me any day. I don't take my own wardrobe photos. Except for once in a blue moon all of them are taken by my husband before work for me. I notice I tend to make a lot of the same faces. I have 300 photos of me looking down with my head to the side slightly. (for example I cropped one for today's hair detail) I have 400 of me with my head turned left with my eyes looking to the sky. I am trying to spice it up because I feel like I am repeating myself a lot. Today I went with a glamour shots pose. I didn't do senior portraits but I can't tell you how many of my friends gave me a photo of them in a jean jacket holding it out making a pouty lip face.

Do you have a pose you find you default to? What is it? Do you know why you do it?


Katie said...

will. resist. urge. to call. dress. black.

I'm a horrible horrible mean person. However, I do love this outfit with the NAVY BLUE and white patterned dress. An unexpected twist and with the red and blue jean jacket, a nod to the patriotic. or nautical themes...

and default pose: hand on hip, one knee cocked

Megan said...

I like you in a jean jacket!

I laughed when I read "Glamour shot" pose. TOTALLY. I might have one of myself in a gaudy green wrap and hair ten inches high.

I always put at least on hand on my hip. It makes my arm(s) look leaner!

Sal said...

Your hair looks gorgeous like that, lady!

Oh yes, my stock pose: One hand on hip, left leg cocked ... in every single flippin' photo.

becca said...

Love the braids.

hillary said...

Thanks for the comments!
When I got home I heard "it does look black doesn't it?"
I need to take a pic in full sun with something black next to it.

Eyeliah SS said...

Since my pictures are always taken in morning rush I do have a fall back pose now that I think of it, lol. Head looking to the left, right and on hip. :-)