Monday, May 04, 2009

My Bumpit tutorial

How I put in my Bumpit. Honestly it took 20 times longer to write about it than it takes. Start to finish it MAYBE takes me two minutes to put in, in the morning. I spend most the time on flat ironing my hair. I purchased mine from Sally's online. If you google "Sally coupon code" you can find codes for discounts too. I actually got my Bumpit and a bottle of nail polish from Sally's for less than just the Bumpit if you buy it direct from the company.

Link to full screen version. (you may have to click on the link twice if you get a black page with a photo you know you are there, its finicky) If you are having a hard time reading it, you can either pause the slideshow or increase the time on each slide. (It wouldn't let me do that by default.)


Becky said...

Thanks for the tutorial. I haven't bought mine yet because I was wondering how it was going to look without bangs. I really like how it looks *with* bangs. What do you think?

hillary said...

I think it would look great. To be honest I was scared how it was gonna look with bangs. I think it would look really good with a fat headband on you. It looks good with a poof and a ponytail. I honestly think it would work great. Maybe a bit easier I have to put it far back to get enough hair to cover it.

Heather said...

really slideshow tutorial! thanks!

Anonymous said...

Great tutorial. I am suprised it is working for you. I bought one for me and my daughter and it does not work for either of us. The teeth show through the hair. I found another product through a beauty blog called the Vidal Sassoon Hair Poufs. They are the Original Hair Bumping Product. Bumpits copied them and I don't think they have their design right. Poufs create all the styles you mentioned. I think your readers would love them.

hillary said...

As I say in my video I have VERY thick hair. Imagine a horse's tail. Not only is each strand thick I got a lot of them. So it blends in no problem as you can see from the photos.

Too bad it didn't work for you. To each his own they say.
I am not going to buy something else now that I had used this and it does work for me but I appreciate your suggestion and coming to read!

hillary said...

Dear Anonymous.
I was trying to find the product you mentioned and I can't seem to find it. Would you mind linking me to it?

Becky said...

Thanks! I think I'll get one/them. Especially now that I have a tiara. ;)

heather said...