Monday, May 04, 2009

Monday. So we meet again my dear frenemy

Photographer: uhh what are you doing?
Me: the mommy pose.
P: the what?
Me: trust me on this.

Yeah I didn't turn my leg the right way or head but I tried! Mom was showing me her new dress and hamming it up and I liked her pose!

Dress Banana Republic
Tights Target
Shoes Kohls
Necklace Katie's from the 50's or 60's (my step dad's dearly departed mom)
Earrings H&M
Headband Dorothys

I am having some really bad skin issues and I started up Proactiv AGAIN and my face was atomic red this morning. So I did the trick I have heard 9308209 times. I mixed some gentle foundation with a moisturizer. VIOLA Usually I put moisturizer on my flaky skin and foundation and it looks terrible. Mixing them was a peach.

Oh and a heavy hand with concealer and YSL touche eclat really helps too!

and I apologize my lovely silk dress got all wrinkled putting my shoes on. After all the time I spent steaming it too!

I plan to do the Bumpit thing tonight. This weekend every time I was going to do it I had wet hair. Seriously I thought "oh I will shower get energy and do it" Then I get out and think OH DAMN. It takes an hour to blowdry my hair so... tonight!

So some people have commented how outgoing I am. Well its all an illusion. You are just getting words and photos. You don't see me move and how I have awkward gestures and put my head down or look away when talking or how I fidget because I am always uncomfortable with people. I am very shy and it gets in the way. When I comfortable though watch out. But this photo below was a perfect example of me in my natural state. I didn't think he was taking a picture and so I was rocking my leg and not smiling. But this is me. Always afraid people will catch on and realize I am not cool enough to sit at their table at lunch. :P

So my question for you all today is what is your skin care routine? What do you do, what do you use and how often?

This week (I changed it up so lets see how this works for me)
I do this morning and night right now.
I wash with clean and clear scrub, use Proactiv toner, Hylexin store brand under eyes, Proactiv treatment stuff, Olay regenerist serum, Olay spf mosisturizer all over face.


Anonymous said...

My skin care routine lately has been St Ives Apricot scrub (the anti-blemish one) and then Olay moisturizer. When I get a zit, I use Bare Minerals treatment concealer.
I used to use ProActiv but my skin kind of regulated so I didn't see the use in spending that much on it. I would not hesistate to go back if my skin wigged out on me again. Those first 2 weeks on it suck - my skin gets soo red and chapped until it starts working!

hillary said...

Mine does as well. But it wiGGED OUT so I desperate and am trying it. I already had it in the house. I seriously am having a major issue with acne and I really didn't that much as a teen. So I am desperately grasping at straws I can't even tell you how many things I have tried to get to this point.

hillary said...

is this what you use? Do you like it?

Anonymous said...

Hi Hillary, do you mind me asking where your mom got that dress? I absolutely adore the boho style, and that dress is just so "me"! Thank you!

hillary said...

Thank you for asking. My mom designed and sewed the dress herself! She sells them on her etsy store. She is all out right now but I am POSITIVE she could work with you on a custom one and she sells them for something insane like 25 bucks! You can wear them fontwards or backwards too You can wear them like 5 ways I think. This one is already sold but you can get the idea. If you are interested just contact her via etsy or let me know and I can give you her email
hillary AT byhillary DOT com

hillary said...

Oh and the harness is separate from the dress just an FYI

Kasmira said...

My skincare routine is abominable. I only clean my face three times a week and I use the Burt's Bees scrub. After the thrice weekly cleaning, I moisturize with Olay products. Usually whatever I got free last (because I work for the company that makes Olay.) I think I have some regenerist cream in a red jar right now.

On a daily basis, I use an Olay eyecream. When I lotion my body after swimming, I usually smear whatever I used elsewhere on my face too.

See? Terrible routine.