Monday, May 11, 2009

Monday is cause for sparkles

The camera died after a couple pics. None are in focus nor the right color. BAH. I hate it but it might be her time to be retired from daily use. (I carry it everywhere) I think I need to take wardrobe photos with the Rebel instead, it just means I am stuck carrying a giant camera all day unless I upload at night. (Chip can't come out) Sorry internal dialog to excuse the quality of photo. Why did I post? I loved my outfit.

I put dark denim trouser on my wishlist last week and then I found them and ON SALE. Dave said I should wish for big items but I think it only works for these small things. In life I am an unlucky girl but I have a weird luck in sales and clothing.

Trousers Gap
Silver stilettos Ann Taylor (you have to see my new silver purse I also got this weekend. Not even same store as shoes!)
Necklace and shirt Banana Republic
Cardigan. Its sparkly silver you can't tell that at all here. H&M

We have a lunch at work today. This is something that NEVER happens. EVER, it might hurt then to say good job usually, so it is a bit of a big deal. So I wanted to look a little nice since we are going to the Faculty Club.

The necklace is serving double duty. The shirt is a bit low cut so it is covering it and also adding some warmth. It is on the cold side out today. I am so not complaining though I love this weather.

So what did you do this weekend?


Sal said...

Those shoes are killer! Love the necklace, too.

Milly said...

cute sparkly cardi and i love your necklace!

Rain said...

Hi! I am new here. I was curious where Eyeliah from Style Symmetry had her button earrings from!

Great outfit! and Great hair! Great blog!