Thursday, May 21, 2009

The longest week ever.

Taking pictures was rough today. Husband is going on about 12 hours of sleep THIS ENTIRE WEEK and today is crunch day and also everyone and their mother was being obnoxious while we were taking pics. So while waiting for this starey guy to walk by I ate the cookie in my pocket. Dave was flabbergasted I had cookies in my pocket. He said it would stain my dress. I say whats the point in having pockets if not to put cookies in it. I think he was jealous.

Dress It has all these details you can't see. Its cute trust me. Princess sleeves, cut out on back with a bow buttons on front and pockets H&M
Sandals Dansko from Berks
Necklace Kenneth Jay Lane for Avon
Earrings Forever 21
Ring Artisan fair

Old photos that show details better.

Its supposed to be be 90 here today. I don't know how girls wear dresses shorter than this. I barely just sit down and full cover my bum( well undies really). What do they do sit with undies on chair all day??

I am not feeling pretty today. I feel like I should go home and try again. I hate that feeling more than anything.

What do you do to deal when you are already out and at work or out and about and you just feel like you don't look good at all?? Any coping mechanisms?
(I am not throwing a pity party or looking for reassurance. Just being honest about how I feel)


Heather said...

It's funny. I was thinking about this today. Something is off for my about my outfit today and I feel like people are staring and finding me lacking. I'm not sure I have any coping mechanisms except to obsess about it (which surprisingly doesn't help). It has been a super sucko week for me and frankly having cookies in my pockets probably wouldn't be enough.

Anonymous said...

Man, I wish I could tell you some awesome way of avoiding the clothing-spawned grumps. I get me a terrible case of them somedays. My best solution is to focus on one thing that looks awesome and makes you happy about your outfit. Just one thing, like I love where this skirt is hitting me or my glasses are so awesome or the secret bow on the back makes me happy sort of things. It doesn't delete the grumps but it helps soothe them a bit.

Marieke said...

OOOOOOOOOOOOO You have the cute red Dansko Sandals that I've been eying. They look great! I bet they are super comfy too.

Becky said...

We all have those days. I've actually had two of them this week. How I cope: Try to look super hot the next day. Seriously. In my mind it averages out whatever frump I had going on the day before.