Monday, May 04, 2009

I do wear the same thing twice

As always click to enlarge.

Sometimes I wear the EXACT same thing down to the jewelry and shoes. In this case just the dress. I have had this dress for about 4 months. Its silk and thin so it isn't the most practical in the winter but that doesn't seem to stop me sometimes. These photos demonstrate how poorly the light in my hallway is. The first is at top of stairs, the second half ways down on the landing and lastly outside around the corner. Winter pictures are so hard for me. Details are lost and I get frustrated trying to photoshop it brighter without ruining the integrity of the picture. OH why not in my apartment? Well its 32o sq feet. Its tiny and packed to the gills and there isn't really anywhere to stand back far enough from the camera. Its a comedy of errors even trying.

But as you can see I wore this dress pretty differently every time. Well every time I took a photos. :) Its had more use than this.
The first time I have on black turtleneck, second a purple one. Now will I repeat one of the outfits exactly. Probably. And I probably won't take a photo that day. That's one of my secrets. I only take photos when its slightly different. I can see this dress getting lots of use in the years to come. Its simple and light and since its silk its great in many temps.

Do you have an item of clothing you like to wear often? What is it and why? Link to it if you can.


treesaw said...

I totally do the same thing. If I've worn exactly the same thing I don't post it again.

BTW, I love you in this dress. Everytime :)

Kasmira said...

I almost never wear the same outfit (except on casual days in the summer), but I wear my fake missoni dress ALL THE TIME, just different ways: