Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Zombie Wednesdays!

I am all out of sorts today because my wee early hours were dealing with this. YESTERDAY the alarm company came to update the alarm system (and apparently turn the volume up) and some asshole was too damn lazy to go outside apparently and was smoking in the hallway and because there was "rising smoke" the main building alarm went off. It is so loud it is impossible to stay inside. How do I know someone was smoking. I walked out to the hall to a cloud of cigarette smoke and the panel downstairs said "smoke in main hallway on second floor" which well leads me to my conclusion.

I was very agitated and had a hard time calming down so we came inside and my darling husband read to me to calm me down. (I assure you he isn't a saint but why share the bad when the good is so much sweeter?)

So all that left me with the feeling of a hangover. Not enough sleep when you've taken a sleeping pill well leaves you a grumpy zombie. The package says don't take unless you can get full night sleep. (I am under a doctors care I take occasionally due to bad bad insomnia.) Luckily I had laid out this outfit down to the stockings last night early in the evening.

Skirt easter gift from gram
Tights ? unsure
Shoes Ann Taylor (2005)
Shirt Ann Taylor loft
Ruffle Cardigan Ann Taylor Loft
Ring MFA store
Bangles Gap
Necklace Mark by Avon

I did my patented twirl below. First seen on remix in 2007 (keeping it old skool yo)

I call this look Jackie KENNEDY meet Parker Posey and not Parker in House of Yes when she was Jackie I mean Parker in Party Girl.

So today's question is more of a challenge. Who do you really really like their style and why? I love Parker Posey and I love Jackie Kennedy (shush she was Kennedy before she was O) Parker with her black eyeliner and dark palettes and Jackie with her light airy fabrics and fitted cuts. So I tried to channel them today.
The challenge. How about trying to channel them one day in the next week. I don't mean you have to dress like them. I mean something that you make with them in mind. Do they like the color red, are they someone who liked short sleeves etc.
Ya get me right?


Eyeliah SS said...

you look super cute considering you feel like a zombie. do you plan your outfits ahead or morning of??

hillary said...

Well Sundays I try and pick out at least 4 outfits. But during the week the night before I might change it up depending on how my day went. But I still have morning I run around but they have become rare. I even have gotten to the point I look up the weather for week on my iPhone and then take it to bedroom on the weekend and plan my week.