Wednesday, May 27, 2009

How I covet her look

A bit of explanation necessary. I take my photos as my husband leaves for work. I tried taking my own photos and it didn't work out and this works for us. But somedays when I bring the camera back inside and look at the pics I don't like something about the outfit and change and then am stuck with an incorrect photo. Today was one of those days. I worked really hard on this outfit and the pics just don't show how cute it is. I changed into darker tights and cuter shoes after this. See below. But I don't have a tripod at work nor can I ask a coworker (gawd itd be bad)
So I added detail shots and can you please use your imagination to see how cute this really is. (or am I a complete wackjob? who knows.)

Short with paperbag waist Target
Tights Target (new ones that is)
Shoes (new ones below Marc Jacbos) the ones in above photo are Cole Haan
Teal gingham shirt Gap
Sweater Forever 21
Necklace Dominique Cohen
Ring MFA store

Ok the reason I am so upset about this is this was supposed to be a VERY LOOSE interpretation of one of my favorite people ever. I could of done a more exact version but I need to do laundry and it not to be 40 degrees out.

I tried and tried to do the hairdo but my hair is still too short and too thick. I had two fat braids that when pulled up stuck out and was not cute. I need another inch or two before it will fully work. My cheating look yesterday is all I can do at this length to get the desired effect.

Is there a celebrity whose style you covet?

Mine is definitely Zooey. I like almost every single photo I see of her. I really dig her style and would love to be more like her.


anna said...

well- i'm unsure of the actress' style herself, but if Chuck from Pushing Daisies was a real celebrity, I would covet her style! (and I do! Sadly, finding cotton dresses readymade to fit me in all my disproportionality is rare....)

Sal said...

Your recreation is spot-on, lady! Mah gawd how I covet your bow necklace.

I can't say as there's a celeb whose style I seek to emulate. Sometimes I wish there were!

D'Rae said...

Oh I think its adorable! And I really like the red bow shoes with it better!

Anonymous said...

I was right - not a hot mess at all!!! I have a feeling it is super adorable with the modifications!

BAM said...

Love the necklace. I'm not sure about my celeb style person...even though she annoys me sometimes, I end up liking Nicole Richies casualness a lot.

Bianca said...

OK this is really cute. Its like a hot pin-up version of Dorothy from Oz. Love the blue gingham with the red!

Marieke said...

Ditto on Zoey. If I could have her hair (and eyes, and face) I would. Love her style too. I also love Adele. And your outfit - super cute. I can imagine that the darker tights make the whole leg line longer.

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MLE said...

I love what Anna said! I covet Chuck's style, too. God how I everything about that show. Boohoo!

You look amazing Miss M - perfect recreation without being a slavish copy.