Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Help me make this dress work for me??!

Click to enlarge. I apologize for the quality.

So I bought this dress from the Beautiful Kimberly's Etsy store.
I admit I didn't really read the description and take any note of the measurements she so diligently supplied.
So it arrived and it doesn't fit. Now its a beautiful well made dress but isn't my size. I am too stubborn to give it up. I want it to work but it needs work.

What would you do?
I am thinking
Shorten (a lot)
Take in waist
The shoulders they need something, maybe shorten but what else?

Also please patronize Kimberly's store she is a wicked fast shipper and she also has insanely great prices! Just measure yourself first!


Anonymous said...

Oh silly girl - I knew you were tinier than the dress but who am I to tell you no. The style of the dress is so "you". I hope you can make it work.

anna said...

the color and cut is definitely you!

1. shorten
2. take in waist
3. something with the sleeves--- i love you in a princess sleeve, but they may be too puffy for your tiny frame? (maybe not, can't be sure b/c of length....) I know you said you usually don't wear sleeveless, but I DO know that you're toning up diligently now, so I bet sleeveless would look pretty!
4. Of course, a bow!

mamichan said...

It would look great tea or knee length. What about a shorter but pouffier sleeve?

Ruta said...

okay. rolling up the sleeves here...

1. shorten. yes. like, at least to your knees
2. take in the waist, re-fit the bust, a good princess seam (that's a vertical bodice seam, often used in wedding/bridesmaids dresses for its flattering sillouhuette) is never a bad idea.
3. sleeves, bring them up, keep the puffy, but make them more of a cap sleeve. also, widen the neckline so it exposes more collarbone. this doesn't mean you need to expose more cleavage, just imagine slicing off about 1.5-2 inches from each shoulder, neck-out. does that make any sense?

but it's a lovely lovely color on you!

hillary said...

Thanks for the ideas ladies! The only one I don't think I could do myself is the collar one. You can't tell here but the front is a faux wrap and it is lined. hrm... I need to pick my grams brain and see how she would do it.

Eyeliah @ said...

Oh I hate when that happens, and I have never been successful with altering these things so DO NOT listen to my advice. Good luck! Show us an after shot.

heather said...

What would you do?
I am thinking
Shorten (a lot) -knee length
Take in waist - yes
The shoulders they need something, maybe shorten - love the ballon, but maybe take some air out.

but what else? - nope, i think that will do it.

i buy things on etsy like all the time too. love my tailor.

cheers. h.