Thursday, May 28, 2009

Guidance needed.

How does an insanely shy person ask people to sponsor her blog so she can do the fun projects she wants that would provide more content for her readers, but she does not have the disposable income?


david said...

Proposals. Hi, I am Hillary and this is what I want to do. The reason is blah and the outcome is blah blah. You would benefit in these ways _______.

Make it so it's still about you but some reason for them to want to buy in to it as well.

Dave77459 said...

Although I still do not believe you are shy at all, I think an actually shy person should disconnect herself from the asking and make it be a business decision.

You ask. If people donate, you do a project. More people, more projects. If nothing... well, we are the losers because the new content doesn't materialize.

david has a good idea too, in that potential "partners" would see not only the benefits, but the scale of the donations needed. If you need $20 to create an egyptian eye tutorial, I'll probably chip in. If you need $10,000 for on-site shooting IN Egypt, I will pause.

But again, although it sounds trite, thinking "it's only business" is the way I [try] to would go.

ALL THAT SAID, how much are you thinking? ;-)

mamichan said...

I'd email and ask someone in the PR/Marketing dept. But ask smart! Know your blog audience and the sponsor's target audience; if they aren't similar, it's not worth asking them.

mamichan said...

PS you can leave clues like links to a potential sponsor with pics + a good review of their product.

a friend of mine has never asked for sponsors but gets them when she posts their stuff on her blog. most recently she posted that she coveted a pair of MJ earrings and their office emailed her the next day and loaned them to her for a month.