Friday, May 08, 2009

Friday oooh weeeee

The colors aren't right. It might actually be time for a new camera. This was my P&S
The belt detail below while fuzzy is a more accurate representation of the colors. Basically the shirt is BRIGHT pink. Atomic even.

Shirt Ann Taylor Loft princess sleeves and scoop neck. swoon.
Mini skirt Ann Taylor Loft (gathered waist and pockets does it get much better?)
Brown fishnets Target
Shoes Kohls
Necklace and earrings I made them. The necklace had little eggs in the nest.

ok I just tweaked it some more its a little closer to correct but still not right.

And a bonus photo for you. I like to make pictures while dave is fiddling with the camera. Sometimes he catches me, others not. Today he did.

So what are your plans for this weekend? Husband is in full finals mode, so I am probably on my own. Maybe I will go get him some things for our trip coming up. He needs more than one pair of shorts also maybe some fun t-shirts.


Sal said...

Could I love this outfit more? I think not.

Kasmira said...

The fishnets-sandals combo is DEAD SEXY!

david said...

love the outfit, colors is off...

Heather said...

Love the shoes, the belt, your necklace the colours! hehe Everything.