Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Fashion wish list. Not season specific

It is time for a wish list update! I just got another wishlist item and I am over the moon.

I figured I might as well post my general fashion wish list. I am digging the whole put it out there and well its more likely to happen. Know what I mean? Maybe someone will see one of these items and give me a heads up! I had this all written in a tiny notebook I carry around.

Cage shoes
Bettie Page Captain dress
70's saddle bag with stamping that is colored in.
Dress shorts. Preferably a slouchy tuxedo pair.
A perfectly tailored black blazer with cropped sleeves. I have a ton of black blazers but none are right.
More seamed one pair at least
50's hat with net still attached
Got it! Marimekko in silk and cotton***Wrap dress in a natural fabric. (why are they always in synthetics?? They don't breathe! Even DVF are usually synthetic)
Brown broques that are comfortable enough to wear all day even walking
RED boots (yes I have at least 4 pair ok maybe 6 of red shoes. shush)
Bracelet sleeve swing lady coat
GOT IT**Purple heels I want them to be sort of simple but very wha-bam. I saw a very expensive pair that were perfect. Le Sigh
Tiny pleat skirt that is above the knee
AHHH Just got today on Gilt from the Marc Jacobs sale!!!! New red mini skirt. Mine has a hole! I almost cried. Its from H&M circa 2002.

Frye Campus boots in what I think they call Banana
Navy heels preferably in patent leather
GOT IT**Comfy everyday shoes that aren't danskos. I love ugly shoes but I have my limits Danskos and a Marimekko wrap dress well its JUST WRONG yet I am stuck doing it

I am adding these items to the wishlist

Perfectly tailored summer weight vest that is similar to my well loved black one. (too hot for summer) 2 more secretary bow blouses. I have one I need to retire

A bathing suit. I currently don't own one that fits me.

Butter yellow cardigan

Brown cardigan

Cotton maxi dress

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