Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Dinner is served.

I cook so infrequently it deserves multiple blog posts.

For dinner I made rosemary macaroni and cheese with ham.
But I forgot the ham.
Oh and the rosemary.
and I don't like macaroni so I used twisty noodles. Hey at least I remembered the cheese.

So in typical hillary fashion it all didn't go quite according to plan. You see I have never made macaroni and cheese. No not just from scratch, ever. Nope never. Not even in college.

As I blogged earlier I went to the butcher, the baker and the candle stick maker for all the ingredients. I didn't look at a recipe I just kinda winged it. 2 hours later dinner was served. (pot took 45 mins to boil and someone forgot to turn it on. This time it wasn't me)

I used Tinkyada brown rice vegetable spirals. They are fantastic the ingredients are brown rice, spinach and tomato and that's it. For cheese fresh romano and mozarella with some cheddar just cause it wasn't the right color. I use potato milk and crushed rice chex on top. It took so long I didn't wait for it to brown. Mister needed to eat so he could get to his homework. He made cheese potatoes to go with it. (He didn't know what I was making when he started them)

Yes I did put an apron on to take a photo and yes I did use my sparkly heart plates because they photograph nicely. I also dug out my vintage pyrex just because I knew I'd take a picture as well. I may or may not of been wearing 3.5 inch wedges at the time too. (hey gotta break them in somehow)


david said...

Yay! Thank you so much, it turned out great. Whatcha makin tomorrow night??

Farmgirl said...

Oh Babe~ thanks for the belly busting laugh. I read to Den and he was smiling ear to ear. we loves you ~ as you try~

hillary said...

I have to say in all honesty (and lack of modesty) my "trying" is better than most peoples cooking who cook daily. It just takes me awhile and there is certainly a mess. (less of a mess when dave does but ya get it)

MLE said...

You rock! It looks delish-uss and I want you to send me some. I haven't had macaroni and cheese in ages!

Sherry said...


I've been following your blog for a couple of weeks now and love your style!

I de-lurked today to tell you that I have a large Pyrex bowl just like the dish you have your mac n cheese in! I love the color and pattern! Found it at a 2nd hand store a year or two ago!



hillary said...

Sherry hanks for delurking and for your comment! I can't remember if this one was my mom's or my mother in laws. I think my mom's.

MOM? yeah you farmgirl was this yours?

I have the opposite one of this in white too. We "collect" it but haven't in years due to our 320 sq ft apt!

Milly said...

i love your heart plate