Sunday, May 10, 2009


I was tagged by Rachael from Fruit in a Box to post my prom picture. Problem is I didn't go to prom. It happens to be a touchy subject but there is no way Fruit in a Box knew that.
So instead I give you my 11th grade Homecoming picture. I think its one of the only dance photos I have.

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11th grade homecoming 1995
The year was 1995 and I was 17. This was our fall Homecoming dance, I have no idea where it was held. I went with my friends as a group. From left Ted (has one kid) Jennifer whom I still talk to and Matt the asshole. Yes that is his official name weird huh?
Like all previous dances I had borrowed my dress. This one was from Amanda, she had worn it to Homecoming the year before. She was a tall leggy blonde but it looked nice on both us surprisingly. Jennifer's dress was thrifted. We had got it the week of the dance and she spotted it first! If she hadn't that baby would of been mine. Her shoes were so tall she couldn't drive with them because they got stuck under the pedal. I had dyed my hair the day of the dance. I was home alone and it went scarily wrong. I had black hair. I called my mom who was in the Florida Keys for the day and she had me call the hotline on the box. The hotline told me to wash my hair with dishsoap a couple times. It really worked and brought it down about 4 shades. Funnily I don't remember the dance at all. (Blocked it most likely see Matt the asshole) but I remember Ted and Jennifer and us having fun.

I don't know who to tag. So I tag you. Yes you reading this. oooh thought you'd get off easy huh? nope.


Rachael said...

Yeah, Matt looks like an asshole. You however look adorable!

Heather said...

The dresses you and Jennifer wore are so pretty! I'd have to unpack various boxes searching for my prom pic which isn't going to happen anytime soon so I'll describe it - short, pink, short. I forget the year...92?

I have the dress and if I can still fit into it I'll take a pic and post that.

chunkstyle said...

I went to junior and senior prom but with friends. My bud Joel wore a long skirt and was almost denied entry! I wore a thrifted flapper style dress and my mom's beaded vest to the first one and my mom's cotton black tank dress and tons of costume jewelry to the second. Best part about going with friends? I totally didn't feel any pressure to put out.

hillary said...

Agreed! Annie you have any pics? Yeah we were all friends here.A year later I went on to date that guy. But at the time we were all friends. It was nice cause we were all just having fun without all that awkward pressure.