Thursday, May 07, 2009

My 400th outfit picture.

Damn I look like my mom today in the detail photos.

Ok so for my 400th post I wanted to do something special. The weather said "haha no way dude cold and rainy!" So I did some things that are very signature me and my custom necklace came last night so the entire outfit was built around showcasing it. i also wore red shoes which I have probably more than anything in my pics. I have upwards of 4 pairs at this point.

Shirt with funky sleeves, giant collar and pleats in front. Nine West from my Gram
Jeans Gap
Shoes Cole Haan nikeair My most expensive shoes to date. I got them on sale and with a Gift Certificate but honestly they are worth every darn penny.
Cardigan Forever 21
Necklace Orangyredink on Etsy. Dude go buy one! Her work is out of this world fantastic!
Ring Marc Jacobs
Glasses Chanel. I wore my glasses today instead of contacts because I used to wear them all the time in photos then I took them off but I am not sure why. I mean I wear glasses, I am blind without them. (trifocals even) I guess its an insecurity thing (boys don't make passes....) But Tina Fey is my hero and she wears them in photoshoots so why shouldn't I? Right? right. (hey if I didn't ramble it wouldn't be me)
Belt gift from my dad. He refuses to give me his so he thought this would distract me. It didn't just so you know dad. :P (oh and my dad has no idea I do this. He'd tease me. Mom knows. Hi mom *waves*)
New rose gold nose stud Phoebe's treasures on Etsy

My photographer said the photos didn't do this outfit justice that it was much prettier in person. I agree.

Ok so my question to you today is what is your single most favorite article of clothing? Mine is a toss up between my Marc Jacobs red shoes with the bows or a new sailor dress I haven't even worn yet! Nope changed my mind its my leather hoodie. I am in mad mad love with it.


Sal said...

The collar on that blouse is just fantastic. Aaaand, I'm deeply jealous to hear you've nabbed a leather hoodie.

My fave piece? This nutty sweater from Tasmania.

hillary said...

The still have it at wilson's.
This is it

Also I googled and got a 30% off coupon for it. Seriously it is like buttah.

Oh I like your sweater!

Anonymous said...

I do not have one and reading your blog lately has made me realize what a travesty that is. I currently really don't have one single "go to" outfit in my closet. I have several articles I will wear more often than others but nothing I LOVE wearing. Need to remedy that..........