Thursday, May 21, 2009

Clarks, not just for old people

Well unless of course you look at these and think "Damn hillary has old lady taste"
I was reading a blog this morning and the cute girl who writes it said Clarks were for old ladies. I was flabbergasted. I shop at Clarks a lot. I mean a lot a lot. The girl who works there knows me and what I own. They make quality shoes that are comfortable and cute. (I average about 5 miles a day walking according to the times I wore a pedometer)

So I quickly ran through my Flickr and nabbed some photos of my Clarks. This is by no means the full extent of what I have but I kinda wanted to show her she was wrong. (Ha or I need to face that I am an old lady. I do wear Danskos too but that is neither here nor there)


Rain said...

Ooopss...I have to be that girl :S

Sorry, if I offended you.
I never bought shoes @ clarks, bc in my head it kinda has that image.I'm reaaaalllly sorry. I don't think you are an old're style is awesome and you dare to try things. Knowing you have tons of clarks shoes, I think my image of the brand definitely never will be the same.


hillary said...

Hey notice I said this cute girl, but didn't link because I didn't want to single you out.

No worries, I wasn't hurt at all. I was being humorous in a "ill show you" sort of way. ha.

I am 30. Not old but now a tween anymore either. ha.

Rain said...

Hi, me again!

I just changed my post a little bit by not mentioning the brand. I just felt a bit quilty about it.

Haha, glad you didn't take it too personal :)


hillary said...

Dude NOT AT ALL. seriously I poke fun at myself in the post. I was totally not offended.

hillary said...

and no one would of ever known it was you if you hadn't fessed up. haaahaaha

Rain said...

LOL, I know....but I am just being me.......


BAM said...

I am a fellow Clarks lover. Although sometimes a little 'old-lady-ish', they have some cute styles and are just plain. Thier "indigo" line of shoes is on super sale today (5/21/09) at

BAM said...

haha...I meant to say 'just plain comfortable' !!!

Becky said...

Agreed, I love Clarks as well, but I only have "Indigo by Clarks" brand...that counts, right? I've gotten subway compliments on all 3 pairs that I have.