Thursday, May 14, 2009

Best flavor combo ever.

So last weekend my husband and I were in this fancy shopping plaza (Stores consist of Louis Vuitton and Dior neither of which I have ever been into) It was 8:00pm and all the stores were closed and we were on a mission of "something sweet"

Now any Celiac will tell you this is an impossibly task, finding gluten free dessert. We finally spotted a girl with a Starbucks cup and looked at each other as if to say "Oohh its still open" and we ran over. We were so excited not because we are Starbucks fans but because last week they came out with a gluten free cake! So while Dave was waiting on our passion iced teas (pink beverages are fun) I walked next door into this kinda small exotic candy store. It was a the smallest store ever. I finally settled on one caramel from in the case but realized I didn't have money so wandered around reading packages til he could join me with some loot. While waiting I realized that wasn't what I wanted and when he showed up I told him as much. So he helped me try and find something. I said randomly "I want something either ginger or salted caramely. I want something more savory" Mind you my extent of salted caramel was Starbucks drinks last winter (I swear I don't go there all the time) But the CONCEPT of salted caramel makes me weak in the knees. The sales girl heard me and said

"We have a bunch of salted caramels and I think we even have a ginger one"
I kinda barked "where?!" In my excitement manners eluded me.
So we purchased one tiny box of Salted Caramels with ginger and pistachios. While the box was tiny and expensive I knew it would last me forever because my self control over things like that is well alarming.

I honestly thought I was being obnoxious in my salted caramel or ginger request. Showed me huh?

I have to admit it was one of the best things I have ever had in my entire life.
DAS Caramelini

(Photo courtesy of Das Caramelini)
I just ate my last two and am a bit weepy over it. They lasted me a week. Hey I told you I was good.

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Megan said...

I found an Almond and Sea Salt Choxie bar in Target and it is SO GOOD to me. It is so rich I can only eat one square because I want to really savor the flavor.