Monday, May 18, 2009

Ah Monday. Really? no I mean REALLY?

You are just gonna have to trust me this looks much nicer in person. Just ask my Dr!

Cardigan with gem bottoms Ann Taylor Loft
Jeans Banana Republic
Shirt H&M
Tank H&M
Shoes DSW Naughty Monkey
Necklace Mark by Avon
Earring Elsa Peretti Tiffany
Ring Artisan fair 08
Wood bangle Artisan fair 07

So I am totally channeling in the strongest way possible our own Sictransitgloria today. I even had a short sleeve cardigan but it ended up being a lot colder than predicted. I included my outside look today as people never see that. I couldnt do hot anna hair so I went with straightening it and putting in a bumpit that you so cant see here! But the nurse did and asked where she could get one!

Coat Anthropologie
Bag Gap

So about my skin

Ok so my skin has been really really bad in the past few months. My acne had flared up to the point I was literally embarrassed to leave the house. So I started a pretty intense regime I blogged about before. Not only was my skin bag my normal sized bags under my eyes were huge. So I was trying to kill two birds with one stone.
Wash with Clean and Clear blackhead scrub
ProActiv toner, than ProActiv treatment gel stuff, Olay regerist serum, Hylexin knockoff eye cream and than Olay SPF but I changed that out for Neutrogena spf 70 for faces.

Now its been at least two weeks I have done this morning AND night. My skin was red and raw and first now its balanced out and is just kinda really dry in spots. But yesterday I noticed how I actually had some color in my normally pale face. Not sun color but natural color.

So Saturday I tried going "without makeup" well as much as I can. Ha.

All I did this morning was curl my lashes and put on mascara, Neutrogena SPF 70 on faces, Bare Essentials eye spf under eyes (its tinted powder) Coralista by Benefit blush. Thats it! No concealer or foundation or eyeshadow! Well wait, I have on YSL Touche Eclat in the corner of my eye and I did color in my eyebrows. But the point being I have not left the house without concealer in I'd say AT LEAST 10 years. I have natural very dark under my eyes. But with the evening of my skin and this Bare Essentials eye stuff I think I don't look like a zombie for once! (without my makeup that is)

Extreme close up

EDITED TO ADD today's question

What is your skin like? Do you wear sunscreen daily? what kind?


Sal said...

That graphic top is fantastic, lady. And your endorsement has me seriously considering Proactiv ...

Ally said...

So many things to say... :)

- Is that the Stitch 'n Bitch calendar behind your shoes?

- I wear sunscreen everyday on my face/neck/chest and apply it on my arms/shoulders if I'll be outside (I don't go sleeveless @ work)

- Your skin looks great. Proactiv was WAY too harsh on me. Bare Escentuals make up is what did the trick for me as far as clearing up my skin.

- My skin is on the sensitive side, but it's mostly described as "pink, red." I get flushed easily and after I wash my face I'm all red for almost an hour.

- I use Neutrogena UltraSheer 70.

I'm considering buying the BE spf 30 power/brush thingie. I think it'd be nice to slap on my face on days when I'll be outside a lot, etc.

hillary said...

Ally I use the neutrogena new face cream in 70 it's the face and age one. The regular one I use on body (100) was too much for my face. Skin was wonky. I had very very bad luck with bare essentials face makeup but like my blush and eyeshadow and new glow powder. My skin is relo sensitive if you enlarge the second pic you can see my lovely neck rash.
I blame being a red head we get the baby skin. ( under dye it's red! Go figure!)
Proactiv is too harsh for me but honestly I was that desperate to clear my skin. It was awful! It's still peely in spots so I got arden 8 hr cream today. We shall see. I skip the proactiv wash was way too harsh.

Sal It works. It dries you up but by week three I saw a major major improvement. It also balanced out a little at that point. Not as dry and such. I've used it off and on for years. When I am at my wits end basically.

hillary said...

Oh and ally that calendar is backwards and you knew!? It's last years so I use for scrap now. It's next to my phone at work.

Ally said...

Damn it feels good to be a gangsta...

Actually, I had that calendar last year too, so I recognized it :)

I'm wanting to try the Neutrogena for faces....and the 100 for my body. The 70 works just fine but why not go 100 if I can?