Tuesday, April 28, 2009

World's easiest craft project

So picture it. Miami. The year is 1993. I am in highschool and all things glitter are king. I would wear fine craft glitter as eyeshadow with my babydoll dresses and flannels with combat boots. (Hot I know)
I was at the mall with my friend Nick and I dragged him into a Claire's type store. I picked up some glitter bobby pins and was going to buy them and then Nick says...

Nick "Couldn't you just paint some yourself?"
Me "yes, yes I could."

This is why Nick was in the aerospace program. (No really he was. He had his pilots license at 16. He once took me and dave up in a tiny plane.)

I bought those bobby pins that day. I actually still have about 4 of them. But that night I went home and painted DOZENS for myself with every nail polish color we had in the house and let me tell you that was a lot.

So onto the instructions

Step one: Put bobby pins on paper.

Step two: Paint the bobby pins.

Yeah I told you it was the world's easiest project. You can use any paint you like but I prefer nail polish because I am lazy and it actually works really well. Nail polish doesn't dry as fast on metal as it does on nails so leave it over night to be safe. I slap a coat of clear on top just to make sure they are extra glossy.

I like them to make bobby pins look deliberate instead of just functional.


Becky said...

I love this idea! I actually wore bobby pins as fashion the other night. I wish they had been painted.

Heather said...

nail polish! I knew it had to be nail polish. I am soooooo going to do this.

Sal said...

Now THERE'S a craft project even I can handle ...