Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Windy Wednesday

Dress Marimekko Silk and cotton We were out adventuring in Cambridge and were on the T and I said quickly lets jump off here I think Marimekko is close by and I always wanted to go. Close by? Yeah turned out it was a 2 mile walk. Good things we have GPS in the iphones. heee. So we get there and everything is so expensive I bet I was making gasping noises. My husband found a sale rack in the back. it had a lot of "sale" dresses marked down to $300. Then there was this dress. It was the only one. It was in my size. It was 80% off! I tried it on was in mad mad love. It has a giant full shirt funky sleeves that turn up and have an elastic up in them. When I rang it up. The sales girl said to the other one. "where did this come from? its $90 bucks" The other one said she has no idea and the sales girl ringing me up made a face. She was the same size as me. i think she was mad it was such an insane deal cause with her discount i'm sure it would of been insane. Now $90 is expensive to me as it is. I paid less for my Marc Jacobs babies. I only spent more on a dress twice a black satin cocktail for $120 and my wedding dress.(which I got on clearance!)
Tights Target?
Shoes YSL consignment for $75! (again expensive for me but HOW could you pass it up?)
Cami Calvin Klein from my college days
Headband kids section h&m

Now I live next to the ocean. We get the sea breezes and they have ruined many a photo. Today I was going to do the patented hillary twirl I do when ever I wear anything with a full skirt. But the wind was telling me NO WAY not unless you want to show the world you panties. But I in all these photos that is the wind doing that to my dress. Below is great one.

Girly tip. My mom taught me as a kid to put an extra pair of undies over my tights to keep them up. I had forgotten that tip for oh 20 years and was fed up with pulling my tights up all day everyday. Its to the point I just hike them up in public. So today I put a pair of little boy shorts over my tight OMG its a damn miracle.

I decided awhile ago I was transitioning my wardrobe to natural fibers. Silk, cotton mostly as I am allergic to wool. So dresses like this I see as an investment piece. I could get a just as fun dress for 30 but it would be polyester and my skin can't handle it anymore. I have had too many rashes this past few years.

I feel my happiest in big full skirts. Lots of girls will talk about how wearing a jeans and t-shirt is when they feel their chicist. I don't feel my worst in them. No matter how bad I feel (migraine wise) I feel best in a full skirted dress. Silly but I appear to always been that way. Most pics of me as a kid is in a full dress.

These shoes tell me that the fancy shoes I always coveted really are more comfortable. Well these are at least. My Cole Haans too are unbelievable. I am done with cheap shoes. I'd rather have a few decent pairs then a ton of cheap ones that hurt my picky feet.


Dave77459 said...

I must say, this is just amazing. From your cute bow to your knockout wedges, its superb.

Don't forget us little people when you get famous.

Heather said...

there is something to be said for quality over quantity.

MLE said...

You look stunning. Absolutely stunning. The dress and shoes are fan-freaking-tastic.