Tuesday, April 21, 2009

What is in my bag or I needed to clean it so why not take a photo

Nubby asked what was in our bags today. I saw that as a perfect opportunity to clean out my purse. I didn't do it on Sunday so it was still full of random stuff from the week before.

Leia Sandals Vera for Kohls with newly inserted leopard inserts
Coach dust bag to put shoes in
Silver leather book for lists
Tiffany bag for headphones. I have been finding new uses for these little bags lately. No need to let them collect dust when they are quite handy for little things
Wallet gift from husband for my unbirthday on the 6th
byhillary magnet
Fish clip for my hair I bought in 1997
8 gig flash drive
Brush toothpicks. (Having a temp crown is NOT FUN)
Purse box with migraine pills
Hand sanitizer
Honey I washed the kids solid perfume
Marc Jacobs reusable tote
T-pass holder
Contact drops
Fiber bar'
Hair tie
Grape scented marker
Hello Kitty pen
Mac dazzleglass, lipglass and Lancome Juicy Tubes


Kimberly said...

I adore those sandals - I was tempted to get them this past weekend, but already had my heart set on two other pairs at Kohl's and two other pairs of shoes I ordered should be delivered this week! Also, I have that same little notebook in green and same brand of granola bar in my purse right now! :-)
Love it when you do this - so fun to see what everyone carries.

hillary said...

Did you know my legal name is Hillary Leia?
These shoes are named Leia. I HAD to have them. That and they filled my "navy shoes" wishlist item. I had a kohls coupon so they were 22. But the ones I ordered over a week ago STILL haven't shown up. I think Kohl's uses pony Express.

Kimberly said...

Those shoes were meant for you then! Kohl's has the absolute worst shipping. I have only placed one order with them and it was for 4 items. I received two of the items about a week later and then discovered they refunded the money for the remaining items. When I contacted Customer Service about it they informed me they canceled my order due to those items being out of stock. Thanks for letting me know, Kohl's. Since then I stick to just shopping the stores since they are all around here. Hopefully you will get your shoes soon!

hillary said...

kohls is 20 miles away for me :(

Kimberly said...

I figured! There are some advantages to living in the 'burbs I guess.

Canadian Lawyerista said...

yes, those sandals are great