Friday, April 17, 2009

What I wore this week or I apparently like blue

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If someone was to ask me what color I liked the most? I would say red. This week it appears I like me some blue. To be fair the Marimekko dress is actually black but it could pass for a dark Navy if you said it convincingly enough. The first and last dress though are actually navy. I also notice that I tend to pose the same when I wear a dress. Well actually I have about 8 poses and take about 15 photos a day but these are the ones I consistently pick. I also notice my hair needs to be redone BADLY.

How was your week fashion wise? Did you have a good week? I think I need at least clothing wise. Life wise yeah not so much. That is kinda why I dressed up so much this week to make up for the rest.

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Apple Joos said...

I was going to post the outfit I wore today because looked darn cute, by golly, but I never did. Now I'm already in my PJs and the moment has passed. You, my dear, look super adorable all week, though. Love your red shoes in the third pic. Nike Air technology you say? I could go for that.