Friday, April 03, 2009

What are you irrational about?

Everyone has one thing about them that they are completely irrational about. They won't listen to reason no matter what others have to say on the topic. Now I don't mean something necessarily you hate about yourself. I mean completely neurotic irrational. I don't like my thighs but I know there is probably nothing wrong with them. But I am completely irrational about my hands from about two inches above my wrist to the tips of my fingers.

You know know this already about me. But you might not know how neurotic I am about it. I see my hands and I see crazy long fingers and a spindly frist (my husband said its like a cankle but for forearm and wrist) Most peoples arms start to get larger right at the wrist mine takes a good 6 inches before it does. Its weird. Made weirder by my man sized hands.

Well my hands aren't the size of a mans but my fingers are longer than most. I even made my husband measure his wrist, forearm and fingers and to see the difference between them and used as fuel for my "I have madonna hands" fire. OH and on that note they are veiny. Like odd blue veins.

I am aware of how ridiculous I am being about it. That's why I asked what are you IRRATIONAL about?

All that said I am realistic. They can't be that bad if they are the same size as Marilyn's.

So what are you completely irrational about your body?


Katie said...

My profile, specifically my chin. Most people's profile is close to vertical, mine is completely convex. My forehead slopes back and my lips and chin sortof disappear into my neck. Makes it really easy to look like I have a double chin.

I'm actually surprised that I even posted this photo, but I was making a chin and my forehead is covered by my hair.

MLE said...

We might be long lost sisters, Lucy. I have very prominent blue veins, extra long fingers and ridiculously small wrists, too.

I am not fond of my jowls. I can see it happening - I don't have a strong jaw line, and my skin is aging and I am starting to get jowl-y. It's totally unfair. I get kind of ridiculous about it, actually.

Kelly said...

Some lines underneath my eyes. Everyone - from the Sephora girl to my boyfriend - says that they're just regular lines that everyone has. But all I see are HUGE WRINKLES OMG I'M A FREAK WHY AM I AGING PREMATURELY I NEED TO SEE A DERMATOLOGIST ASAP SO HE CAN FIX MY CRAZY FACE

mamichan said...

I've always thought you had elegant long fingers. Mine are short and stubby like a 5 year old's. Which I hate. But the bags under my eyes bug me the most. I feel like people must be judging me on my lack of sleep.

hillary said...

You know why you never see me smiling with my teeth?? I get a double chin and crows feet. So I do a mona lisa smile. Swear to gahd. I refuse to have a double chin anymore. nope. I just decided. People pick on posh but I think she has the right idea. Oh I said it.

MLE said...

You know what? Maybe I have to practice some poses. Because in a lot of pictures I tilt my chin back against my neck and it makes it worse. I am rational about every other part of my body except my jowls. And I have family history to gaze upon regularly, so I know they will get worse.

And mamichan, I never ever noticed any bags under your eyes.

hillary said...

Yeah I laughed at that masami. You have enviable skin. bag. Pah!

david said...

My thinning hair :(
I use to have to coolest hair. Getting old sucks.

anna said...

i love this question.
I have similar irrational fixations--- short fat fingers squeezed onto fat hands a la Rachael Ray, jowls and Hitchcock nose, and super flabby arms.

But, I completely and obssessively fixate on my pores. I refer to myself as strawberry-nose. You know what started it, too? Did you ever see the movie The Truth About Cats and Dogs, when the make-up girl magnified Janeane Garofolo's face? Sent me straight to the mirror, and I realized that was me, too, except worse. Make-up covers it up, but it wears off, and I know what's under there. I need hypnosis to get over it.

Leah said...

I'm irrational about my nose. I've accepted that it's large, but it's impossible to make any kind of foundation look right on it. It drives me batty!

I also jut out my chin a bit in pics to hide the double chin!

Ruta said...

i obsess irrationally about my "turkey gobble" upper arms and my thighs. i feel like no matter what size i am, how much i weigh, my upper thighs will always be chunky and my upper arms will always be gross and undefined. oh, and hill? i actually do have man-sized hands, in fact LARGER than some! it's because i have extremely LONG fingers, and i'm veiny too. but for whatever reason, my hand size has never bothered me.