Monday, April 27, 2009

Week wrap up

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Sorry this is a little late. I was too busy on Friday being happy it was Friday.
So nothing remarkable this week. Well no I take that back. I am a big fan or the blue dress from Wednesday. It was thrifted and gifted from a friend I met on Flickr. It just fit me really nicely. I need more fitted jeans for the cuffed look. I don't know what ones I used to wear to achieve that look. I realized this weekend I need to get rid of a LOT of clothes. I have no where to store them and my situation in my bedroom is ridiculous.


Sal said...

Hey lady - my e-mail about blogrolling bounced back. I'd be honored! And I'll link right back to yas, too. You've got great
style, kitten.

hillary said...

it bounced back? That is weird and disconcerning. Hrm thanks for letting me know and thanks for the kind words.