Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Wed NES day. OK so I just like saying it.

I don't know why but I feel I need to say this shirt is too big for me. (I know it bothers me too when people say that) BUT I am saying it cause it is very fitted in cut and a tish still new and crisp so its not fitting me ideally. Once I wash and dry it I think it will look better. I say cause in these photos I think I appear a bit bigger than I am. I am working my ASS off to get in shape (more on that later) so I am nitpicky in my appearance. I apologize for that.

on with the show
Leather HOODIE Nine west via Wilson's Leather. I got it for a STEAL cause it was on sale then I had a code. I got it last night in mail. It is like BUTTAH omg I keep petting myself.
Jeans with sewn in seam in front Banana Republic
Shoes Clarks
Shirt oddly Nine West as well. Gift from my gram. It has crazy fun sleeves. It has pleats that start at top of arm on back and connect at bottom of arm in front. She bought herself the same shirt and didn't even realize she had. I need to get a twin photo with her. heeee.
Necklace Avon
Glass ring High Gear

I am not snobby it was just VERY windy this morning and very cold and we had a hard time with pic. I'll add a wind photo in comments for laughs.
Woke up late so you dear frens are seeing my hair in its natural state. kinda flat on top and wicked curly underneath.

I did a wicked smoky eye cause I didn't do my hair I had a little time. I was so proud of it. I get to work and realize I didn't have mascara on. FOILED. whats a smoky eye without mascara. DOH

I feel like this outfit isn't totally me. But then again its me in the clothes so by default doesn't that make it me? I don't wear white shirts. That is what isn't "me". As my husband was ironing it this morning he was even commenting on "you don't wear white where did this come from?" Gram. I even more a longish cami under it in dear that my jeans would transfer over onto it. I have used the link roller twice today and its only noon. What is me though is the hoodie. I have a hoodie PROBLEM. If it has a hood I want to buy it. I have pjs, sweatshirts, coats, parkas, sweaters, t's all with hoods. (that reminds me where are my Steve pjs? the one with the hood??)
I am drying to wean myself off the hoodies and just when I thought I was on the other side of it I slip back in.


MLE said...

I don't wear white shirts either. I don't know - to me they are like the big black hole of paleness against a pale face, pale arms and pale hands. It just doesn't do it for me.

But I still like this combo. And I like your hair natural - it looks cool.

Kelly said...

ah! I am so jealous. I have been lusting over that NW hoodie but I just cannot pull the trigger because it doesn't fit me awesome enough to drop that kind of $$ on it. Sigh.

hillary said...

I paid 140 I googled for a code.