Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Tuesday I wish I was Bonnie Parker

I am mixing my 50's and 60's looks here a little today. The mini dress is very 60's in its a-line mini length. But I am starting to fear its just too mini for a private university library person. (I know when it that start bothering me?) Then my 1950's hat and oxfords and lady coat make it look a little like I am stuck on what I want to be. I want to be french (said obnoxiously fraannn ch) I want to a chic french lady that looks like she shops at Chanel. I mean I don't but I'd like to look like someone who would of 50 years ago. I have been having a personal struggle over defining what my style is. I even asked you all the question recently. What I gleaned from that is you all feel I am French and or tailored. Which makes sense. I love structured jackets, vests and lady dresses. But I also have a penchant for wearing black white and red a lot, a lot lot.
I guess I don't have to pin it down but I kind of want to for this grand plan I have.

I think it helps to pin down what I know I am not. I am not California laid back, I am not trendy, I am not biker or rocker, I am not preppy, you won't catch me in linen pants and a polo.

Well I don't have to decide today on with the details.

American Apparel Turtleneck mini dress
Blue tights and Black lace Target layer again.
Shoes Aldo
Coat Vera Wang
50's hat poor little rich girl vintage. its roundish with 4 hard bendable corners
Giant earrings you cant see High Gear

I had been wanting some authentic 50's hat for YEARS. I have a large head and they are hard to come by. But I found two in the past month at Poor Little Rich girl in Somerville. Both were not fitted to a whole head and both had wire that was adjustable.

Edited to add. I want to be Bonnie Parker. Megan called it. I have tried NUMEROUS times but never got it right. It must of been in the back of my head today because that's a great way to explain this outfit.

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MLE said...

I don't think you have to define your style for all time and all ages, do you? You get to play who do I want to be today instead. One day you can be a glamourpuss, one day you can be a fabulous 60s French chanteuse, one day you can be a 50s Chanel lady, one day you can be Bonnie Parker and one day you can be Violet. Fashion is so much more fun that way. You have a definite style, Miss M - that's not in question. But I think trying to define it as one thing is too limiting. Also I love today's Bonnie Parker outfit. So good.