Thursday, April 02, 2009

Thursday's clothes

So today's outfit was completely built around the shoes.

When it came together it felt like if Jean C'est Quoi and M.bibelot had a love child.
I honestly had no idea my shorts were wrinkled til I took pics. Without my glasses in my dark apt they looked ace.

Ok why the two poses? I couldn't decide. One was more Mimi influenced and one was more Daphne influenced so I put one for each I guess.

Dress shorts (they have buttons along top sides) Ann Taylor
X's tights Ann Taylor Loft
Shoes Naughty Monkey DSW clearance
Shirt Banana Republic
Vest H&M
"pocket watch" funnily its a necklace tucked into my pocket that M.bibelot gave me.

Earrings H&M

The only thing I have on I paid full price for was my vest from H&M and I have it down to less than $1 a wear. Its fantastic.

For makeup I used the Carmindy foundation and Mark's flip for it palette in Tokoyo. It has these gorgeous pinks and purples I felt it suited the outfit well.

I avoided purple for years because it was my mom's color. But she is now on to pink. I don't know why that even matters. We are a thousand miles away. It just was established she wore purple. So when ever we bought the same thing she got the purple one. But now she is in cotton candy pink land so its "ok" to wear it again. Silly rules we make for ourselves. When my hair was more my natural dark auburn purple doesn't look as nice.

And yes I am really that fair skinned. I did not adjust these. I have no intentions of using a self tanner or anything like that before I show my legs for summer. I actually worked really hard to get this fair. I avoid the sun and wear SPF 75. I already had to have a few moles removed so I have to be darn careful. Cancer also is rampant in my family.

I like to refer to myself now as alabaster as opposed to pale or vampireish as I used to say.


Milly said...

cute pumps

Kelly said...

haha I'm a little disappointed but a little amused that your pocketwatch is really a necklace

hillary said...

I do have one but it's not gold