Thursday, April 23, 2009

Thursday that means we are close to end right?

It is way too cold to wear these sandals.
My earrings while are large they actually lay against the head most the day but here they made me look like I have giant spacers in my ears *shudder*

Sandals dansko
Jeans Express
Shirt Ann Taylor loft. I forgot it was totally see thru and I can't take vest off if I get hot. oops It has ruffles down the front.
Vest H&M
Earrings H&M
Headband Claires
Watch High gear You can't see it here but its white metal. Its a chanel knockoff I got a few years ago. Sadly its chipping. :(

Ok so I am looking for a eye cream that gets rid of bags. Please I am open to suggestions. I don't care about the dark. I can cover that but my eye bags are terrible. I am a 30 year old nonsmoker or drinker they shouldn't be this bad.

Went to the gym again today. I didn't eat before hand as I didn't have a lunch to eat so I grabbed a turkey sandwich after and then proceeded to try and not throw it up for the past 2 hours. omhell. My trainer the Amazing Annie (oh she should get bizness cards) taught be backwards lunges with the bar (mine didn't have weight on it hers had like 30 lbs!!) I learned I can read a book on the elliptical. I still get jelly knees though but I can now get in 13 minutes before it happens. My knees just completely give out at that point.


Heather said...

Love the blouse - how about a navy or white cami underneath. Good for you about the gym - I'm useless on that front.

hillary said...

oh no I always wear a cami under it when I wear it on its own. I wasn't thinking when I put it on and then the vest. I went CRAP now I can't take it off. I planned oh this shirt with this vest not thinking it thru is all.

Apple Joos said...

You can read on an elliptical!? I'm very envious. I took a magazine with me a few days ago to try it and I was sea-sick in thirty seconds. I had to toss it onto the floor and keep going. I would love to be able to read while I was working out. It would make the time go so much faster!

Sharpiegirl said...

It's NOT cheap but the best one I have found is a doctor's line that is called Clientle (I believe) the only place I've found it is at nordstrom's. If there isn't one near you they will ship it to you at no charge.
It's specifically made for older skin but I've had some really great results with the eye cream and the overnight cream. If you have to choose 1 go with the overnight it lasts longer.