Thursday, April 30, 2009

Thursday I won't even start

This outfit is VERY loosely inspired by Audrey Hepburn in the movie Breakfast at Tiffanys. The hair and the trench mostly. The rest is ummm me modernizing it. Yeah that's the ticket.
I couldn't for the LIFE OF ME find a good picture of her hair in the last scene. Well also in the knitting scene its like that.

Trench some store I found last night called Bobbles and Lace $20 its pretty heavy too. I folder over the placket and buttoned it on the buttons for the other side. I thought it opened it up more.
Jeans Gap
Sandals Vera for Kohls
Shirt Target It has a lot of detailing. See below for it.
Tank Old Navy
Glasses Newbury Comics (I know right?)
Earrings Heidi for QVC
Necklace Tiffanys
Bracelet Celiac Conference in Arizona
Watch Kenneth Cole

It was like the damn circus was in town when we went out this morning to take pics. Ok wait the circus is actually in town so umm yeah I dunno STARING people everywhere.
Yes I know my bumpit is showing a bit in the hair detail. I fixed it after that. It was cause my ponies were too tight and pulling it down.

I have gone to the gym twice this week. In my mind that's a lot considering I used to not go at all. But then I ate about 2 munchkins too many this morning and am feeling a bit gross and think I should go today after all. I am trying to break that bubble. I have gained 4 since starting 3 weeks ago. I know it will level out and I will start to lose but damn if it doesn't make it want to stop going. Hey I was maintaining without going... see the logic here?

So my question to you is. If you go to the gym typically how many times a week and in what do you do while there?


Megan said...

On a good week I go four times for about 45min on average.

On a typical week I go two to three times for the same amount.

I alternate between the elliptical (about 3mi at 61rpm) and weight training machines (20 reps between five machines). I find alternating between weights and cardio really helps me with reducing sore muscles.

Wow I have never talked about exercising before. Probably because I've never done it.

hillary said...

I've done two to three times a week. Hour every time and cardio and weight training every time. On average 5 machines then I mix up the cardio. Yesterday I ran. It wasn't a pretty sight.

Dave77459 said...

I go three times a week, for about 45 minutes each. I get up at 4:20 and need to be dressing at home by 6:00. I think the time squeeze limits what I do.

I do 25 minutes of a fast walk (~4mph) on the treadmill. I absolutely hate running.

Then I do the shoulders machines. I am exercising because I dislocated my shoulder years ago, and keeping them strong lets me sleep at night. So I target my shoulders because sleep is important to me.

I finish with a leg press, but only flex my calves. My legs are plenty strong just from carrying my whale-like size, but I like to see how much I can "toe press". I'm up to 340Lbs, and my calves are ripped.

It's not much exercise, but more than I've done since my motorcycle accident. I think I should see SOME results, but have seen none. As a result, it is much more appealing to just sleep in rather than work out for no apparent benefit. (Then I remember my shoulders, and I keep going.)

As an aside, my legs and arms and shoulders get exercise when I ride my motorcycle. It is 880Lbs, not including Jamie. Now I can even back it up slight hills with Jamie aboard because I have gotten stronger.

hillary said...

Dave I joined due to insomnia! It was my DR idea. She thought it would help me sleep at night. She thinks my weight should stay the same but I was "hoping" I could drop some, sleep and be able to open a damn door without struggling. I was in a bad car accident when I was a teenager and had back issues since. I also have horrific knees from a bad fall as a kid. They make poppy grindy noises. I ran for the first time in my entire life yesterday. It was hard and hard on my heart. It was racing for an hour. (another reason I avoided the gym. As a kid I did cause my heart murmur so I kept up that mind set)

I do two leg things one you squeeze the things in and one where you squeeze them out. I do the leg press with your feet on a big board. I do the shoulder thing that you push it up its like an x over your head. I started doing this one where your seated and have pads on your top of your check and one on your stomach and you bend over. I also do the gravitron which is pull ups and chin ups and the one where you stand on a pad and have weights on your shoulders and you lift up your feet.
OK so I do a lot more than I thought I did.
I do elliptical for 13 min cause at that point my knees completely give out and usually move to bike. The other half the time I walk very fast on treadmill. But I do cardio and weight everytime.

MLE said...

I was going 4 to 5 times a week after I wrecked my knee. I did about 45 minutes of weights and exercises to strengthen my legs and about 20 minutes on the bike. And then school got in the way and I stopped.

So last week I started going again and it feels really good. I love feeling strong. It's the best feeling in the world. But these 5 o'clock mornings to racewalk with H are killing me. I hate mornings.

softspoken said...

i had no idea they made anything like those bumpit things! i bet my hair's too thin to hide one, though. but i always wondered how those girls got the perfect little bump with their perfect little ponytails!

as for gym - during my good times i go 3-4 times a week. but these days i've only been making it 2 times a week.

when i go, i usually make the most of being there. the hardest part for me is actually making myself go, so when i'm there i stay for a while. 2 to 2.5 hours at a time.

to start with i do my hardest bit of cardio first - usually jog a mile or so on the treadmill and then finish up the hour either walking fast or walking moderately on an incline as high as i can take it.

after that i do either arms or legs on the machines and free weights for about 30 mins. then the next 30 mins i spend on abs, waist, and stretching.

if i still feel up for it after that i'll do another 30 mins on either the elliptical or bikes.

my weight always shoots up when i'm heavily exercising, too. i guess it's normal - the whole muscle over fat thing, but it's hard to not let it get to your head when you've been fighting the scale your whole life. even when you've gotten over a lot of those issues, it can still shake you up a bit. but logically i know it's worth it and i know exercising is better than not exercising - not just for appearance, but for my heart and bones and everything else that goes bad in my crazy family! and plus i love that feeling of strength and accomplishment it gives me.


oh, thanks for all the info on the acer, too! i think as soon as i get the check from that wholesale order i'm gonna get me a pretty pink one :)

Kelly said...

On a good week, I'll go 3-4 times. I do Pilates and yoga (60 min classes) almost exclusively, as well as this class called "Beam Fit" which is basically Pilates/yoga on a balance beam. If we don't make it in time for my classes I'll just walk on the treadmill, but I HATE the treadmill and after a half hour I'm begging BF to go home.

I don't go to lose weight, I just go for my health, if that makes any difference. If I was trying to lose pounds, I know I'd have to get a little more intensive!

That all being said, I haven't been in like 2 or 3 weeks. First I had an awful cold and there was no way I was going to exert myself, and now it's just too pretty to be inside!

hillary said...

I am not going to lose weight I am going for sleep and HOPING to also lose weight. I don't need to I just want/hope to. I mean I am not "rail thin" but I am on the small side. (well in some areas... :P )

The cardio is what I hate I like the weights. I ended up skipping today and going for a walk. I shouldn't say skipping it makes it sound like I had intended but I hadn't I just decided tomorrow.

Anonymous said...

I see what you mean about buttoning open the coat - it looks great like that!

Heather said...

Exercising...I walk home from work sometimes and that's a good hour of going fast so I think that's good cardio. I have a strengthening elastic, 2 five pound weights and an exercise ball at home. I look at them a lot but I'm not sure that counts. I used to work in a gym - you'd never know the way that I pathetically cannot open jars.

Lydia said...

I love your hair! I'm new to your blog, but I like it! :) You have a great sense of what fashion is all about! :)

hillary said...

Thanks Lydia and welcome!