Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Tag your it, hey wait why is no one else playing?

I wasn't tagged EITHER cause no one wants to tag others so
TAG your it. There tagged myself.

So 7 things you MIGHT not know about me. But if you talked to me for 5 minutes you would.

1. I love Mike Doughty and Evan Dando in a obsessive teenage girl sort of way.
2. I think Robert Downey Jr is my soul mate.
3. I like to exaggerate how much I love things.
4. I like it when my cat smacks me. It makes a twap sound and I try and make her hit me by dancing in front of her while she hangs over edge of bed.
5. I absorb speech habits of those around me. I don't even know I do it sometimes.
6.I find lipgloss a drug. I am feeling ansty I put some on and it soothes me if for the moment.
7. I do things in 3's I rattle the door 3 times, I check that my flat iron is unplugged 3 times. I eat candies in 3s.


futurelint said...

#5 - me too! I seriously have to try so hard not to pick up on people's vocal habits, especially if they have a distinct speaking pattern or accent. This is also a plus because I do great impressions!

#7 - I count things in 3s (instead of 2s like most people)!

Rachael said...

Hmm you sound mildly obsessive compulsive - no wonder I like you!

Dave77459 said...

#4 - No so much a fan of this, since the cat's claws are unclipped. OUCH

#5 - I have a theory... do you also readily remember lyrics and melodies? I do, and also mimic people like a mockingbird.

hillary said...

I do I do. I can sing songs all day long. I just pick them up along the way.

We trim daisy's nails often (well try to) but even when they are long she doesn't hit with nails she just paws you. You'd like her hitting. its cute. I have a video of it somewhere

Dave77459 said...

I think musical memory and the ability to mimic someone are related. My theory.

We used to keep the cats claws trimmed, but they cats have become escape artists. We suffer their infrequent scratches so that they can defend themselves when they get out.