Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Sweet victory

My husband dislikes my Olsen twin sunglasses. The only thing he dislikes more than my sunglasses is me telling people he doesn't like them. What can I say I love the Olsens. I think they look adorable in the circle glasses with half darkness. Sadly those glasses aren't available to the public. (Like I would be able to afford them anyways) I was on the hunt for them for about a year and saw Jess from What I Wore post she found a pair at the Boston Urban Outfitters. Mine aren't exactly like hers. I think I like hers a little better but I didn't find the same ones.

I have actively been looking for two types of glasses.
1. A pair my husband likes
2. Black hearts like the pair Nubby wore here.

Some of you may remember these glasses. I posted this picture last May for my mom cause I knew she would get a laugh. Her response "You ain't right." I actually turned this picture into a Moo card.

I actually have them in red too. There is a killer trashy costume shop about a mile or so from my work and I LOVE to spend my lunch break there looking for oddball stuff. I actually had asked them to carry heart glasses. I like them but I LOVE Nubby's really rounded ones as opposed to my globby heart ones.
We don't have a Forever 21 here sadly and they weren't available online.

Then today I found them! At a comic book store actually!

I don't know what the husband thinks yet. heeeeee. I don't really care this time.


julie mack said...

Love them!! They look absolutely darling!

futurelint said...

Your new sunglasses are PERFECT! Some of the heart ones are a little much to wear on an everyday basis, but these ones are so subtle, they are, well, PERFECT!

P.S. I LOOOOOOVE the Olsen twins too... I don't know why. They are just so tiny and cute!