Monday, April 06, 2009

Monday yeah I have nothing witty to say.

Another week. I have a feeling this week will go well. I just have a positive attitude this morning. I blame the excess of caffeine and Decemberists I have indulged in this morning. Dunkin Donuts you are my hero.

On with the show...

All my favorite photos from this morning you couldn't see the headband. My favorite photo is below but the dress was hanging silly so its stuck it further down instead of main photo.

Dress Target it has neat neck detail you can't see here.
Navy tights and brown fishnets layered Target (I used to do this all the time why did I stop I love the look??)
Shoes Clarks I got them this weekend. On my wish list I had a new pair of everyday shoes I could walk to work in and a pair of sandals cute enough to wear with dresses but comfy enough to walk to work. My husband took me to Clark's and said pick one of each! Don't worry he got a pair too. His was almost as much as both mine. :P we are frequent customers so we had a big coupon. They are comfortable from the word go. They are worth every single penny. (They aren't cheap as a warning)
These sandals have a 3 inch heel and it literally feels like wearing flats. When you get quality shoes you can tell the difference. Just very well made.
Oh yeah headband. Gift from the amazing Kimberly!
Earrings H&M
Charm bracelet made over the years.
Coat Old Navy its a rain coat. We are supposed to have torrential downpours this afternoon. An hour ago they even announced the Red Sox season opener was delayed til tomorrow.
Sunglasses Urban outfitters. Those can be seen in the comments.

You can read about my awesome haircut here.

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Kelly said...

Love the dress, love the headband!