Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Monday? no wait its Tuesday

Having a Monday off is such a sweet blessing. Mostly cause well you get to sleep in late one more day!
I thought I was smiley this morning but the pics say otherwise. I had 3 hours sleep. Comfort was key today.

Dress Mark by Avon
Tights Target. They are silver sparkle with black stripes
Earrings QVC
Watch Kenneth Cole
Ring High Gear
Sandals Dansko.
Bow gift

Yes I did dye my hair. It is one shade darker than I had been dying it since last June. But honestly this is my "regular" color. I started dying my hair this shade in 97 and it has been this color more than any other over the past 12 years. It what all my friends remember me as. It won't be this dark after a wash or two its always darker before you wash it the first time.

The details were completely lost on this dress. It has a cinched waist and Princess sleeves with brass buttons and it it cut high in the front and cut lowish on the back.

It also is completely see-thru as its thin synthetic so I had to wear something under it. You can actually see the tag in the detail photo below. Mostly cause of the flash.

I have a few reviews lined up that I already did but haven't posted. I just need to take the time to sit down and write them up. I mean that is why I have a netbook and I forgot to grab it this morning. How was other people's weekends?


Heather said...

I like the waist on this dress and it does look really, really comfy. Today I'm doing not much - in fact leaving work right now to go home and be sick like I was all day yesterday. It sucks.

Kelly said...

Love the bow on the hip!

Kelly said...

Do you have an online Avon store? Is there a link I could use?

hillary said...

Send me an email and I shall fill ya in!

hillarysellsavon AT gmail DOT com

Eyeliah @ stylesymmetry.com said...

I got the earrings today and they are more beautiful than I imagined. Thanks so much!!! When my camera is back working will do a post. :-)