Monday, April 13, 2009

Monday is meant for Marc

Dress Marc Jacobs Bought at 80% off.
Tights H&M
Purple cami Old Navy
Shoes Isaac for Target
Earrings and ring High Gear

Last time I wore this with coral tights today orange. I think I like orange better.
I did a navy blue cat eye.
I went to bed trying to come up with something to wear. I was have no ah-ha moment. MOST nights I go to bed knowing what I am going to wear and the items are laid out along with accessories and shoes. Last night no such luck. I got up late this morning and stood staring at my clothes for entirely too long. I opened the dress cabinet saw the dress and grabbed it. I initially tried on purple tights but they stopped at my knees. Did I buy tights meant for a 4 year old?? Even sillier I put them BACK. I should of pitched them. The little keyhole is a little too low so I grabbed the purple cami that was still in the suitcase from this weekend as I never ended up wearing it. So there you have it. No great inspiration nor trying to channel anything. How about my undying love for Marc? We were in Nordstrom recently and we walked by the Marc section and I commented to my husband how you could pitch all my clothes and just insert every piece that was there and I would never skip a beat. His stuff is just so inline with my aestetic and the colors for this season are just ones I really love. I can look at a magazine and fall in love with one dress and 9.5 times out of 10 it will end up being a Marc dress. I am nothing if not consistant. Dave does that but with Kenneth Cole.

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