Thursday, April 23, 2009

MAC Dazzlelash Mascara

With all the new legislation they are trying to put thru about people who write review blogs I am not calling this a review. Instead here is my OPINION on MAC's new Dazzlelash Mascara.

retails for $12
Their site says "A mascara that instantly creates a starburst dazzle effect. The trick lies in a new compact-sized, slightly sculpted brush applicator that singles out and pushes lashes to go bigger, bolder, longer, with a plush, glamorous curve. A rich application that delivers what you want: dazzling long lashes."

Now I have been a Plushlash diehard since Tess talked me into it last year. I thought "mascara is mascara nothing helps my puny sad pathetic excuse for lashes." Well you know what? When I ran out of Plushlash I bought at least 4 drugstore brands to "save money" and I only liked one of them. So I spent about $24 trying to avoid paying $12. (yeah, right??)So when I heard about this new one that was supposed to be Plushlash but better I had to try it. So I stopped into my local MAC store last night and asked to try it.

WOW. I mean wow. Seriously it is Plushlash but better. It doesn't shimmer like they say, even the salesguy said that. But its just a really great mascara. It thickens, lengthens and makes them pop.

Silly me didn't take a before picture, I will describe them instead. I have tiny, itty bitty lashes.


Click image to see large

My husband commented on how my eyes looked more open. Which is what I like since I have small down turned sad eyes. People always ask whats wrong. Nothing this is just how Jesus made me.

I would highly recommend it to a anyone looking for a new mascara. The wand is a nice size too to get those tiny bottom lashes. Some companies are making huge brushes you can't get at those bottom lashes with. I think it might be a limited edition sadly so GO NOW!


futurelint said...

ooh, I'm so gonna try it! I buy a new kind of mascara every time I need more and while some are better than others, I've never found one I particularly want to buy again. I love that you put make-up stuff on your blog because then YOU get to be the guinea pig for me! I am seriously devoid of make-up knowledge and really appreciate your "opinions" not "reviews"!

Kaisa said...

I've been thinking some time already that I should start looking for a new mascara and now that I found that MAC do indeed is sold in Estonia I'm gonna try it :)

Tess said...

Ooooh, I think I'm going to try that!! I'm almost out of plush lash...and my new job is dangerously near a MAC store. . .

Kelly said...

So....what's this new legislation business about? I often review products on The Lingerie Post (, so it concerns me a bit to hear you say there's something going on. But when I tried to google it, I couldn't find anything? Maybe I'm just not googling the right terms or something, but how did you hear about it?

hillary said...

The title of this article talks about mom bloggers but if you read it, it applies to "people who write reviews for blogs"

Kelly said...

Thank you!!