Friday, April 10, 2009

in my new easter dress

I am guessing this is my second Easter. I am just guessing here but my gram probably bought that dress. She always has and always will love me in a dress. The frillier the better. I blame it on being bald til I was almost 4. As you can see here at 1.5 yrs old no hair.

Ever since I was a baby I have enamored with mary jane shoes. I can't even tell you how many I owned in my life. No joke I probably own 10 pairs now. I also love a princess sleeve. Something so special about it to me. It makes me feel like I am a princess (not in that sparkly omg I am a princess sort of way) more like Ophelia or some other crusades type princess.

I kinda wish I had a dress for easter. Ok I really wish. Something in a pastel color. I don't own anything like that anymore.

Le sigh.


dave said...

haha. you both look so young but so similar to how you are now. 2 cuties.

mamichan said...

See, you ARE my twin. Or cousin? I didn't have hair until I was almost 3.

MLE said...

I didn't have hair until I was about 3, either. Totally bald. I have to post pics.

I would like an Easter dress, too. Maybe we should all make a pact to do new Easter dresses next year? That would be fun!