Wednesday, April 22, 2009

I just want the girl in the blue dress to keep on dancing

Dress gift from the amazing My Crooked Hem it has a fun little collar you can see below.
Belt Target
Socks Nicole Miller TJ Maxx
Shoes Clarks
Earrings Dominique Cohen

Now I have been gifted clothing before. But this is the first time I have been gifted something that was SO perfect for me in fit as well. I mean the fit the length, the style. She got me so well it was scary.

I know red lips with this is so expected ESPECIALLY from me but what can I say? I am a sucker for it. Today is MAC red.

All pics are SOOC today. I really am that fair. Or Alabaster as I like to call it.
I have had more than one skin cancer scare. I have a ton of damage on my shoulders and upper arms. My face in those "see your damage" lights is frightening. So this past year I made a conscious effort to stay out of the sun and wear spf 643 when I was in it. I am no Anne Hathaway but I am working on it. I have succeeded in fading most the freckles on my face to almost not noticeable. (one day in sun and they will be back) and the ones on my arms are much lighter. Every form of cancer runs in my family so I am doing what I can about the things in my control. No drugs, alcohol or sun for this gal.

Why the ramble? well today is the first day I had to wear sunscreen on my arms this year. The sun is finally out and its not freeeeeeeeeezing! woooooot
oh and let me say this before I get a comment on it. I love my freckles I miss them, it was a comment on how much they had faded not on me disliking them.

It took me awhile but I know why I like this outfit so much. I feel like Gwen in "Don't Speak" I have the biggest crush on her.

Do you have any idea who hard she is to scream grab and not make her look odd? She is very expressive when she sings and she kept looking like she was sneezing or convulsing.

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Kelly said...

That dress is adorable!

And I'm with you on the paleness. My grandma got skin cancer and had a big chunk of flesh missing from her arm for my whole life, from when they cut it out. I wear sunscreen all the time. I've heard people say that anything about 50 is superfluous but I don't care...I just bought SPF 100 yesterday.