Tuesday, April 28, 2009

I don't have many photos from 2006. There is a reason for that.
I have changed a lot these past 3 years.
I am more mature.
I am more realistic.
I am more practical. (Always was but more so)
I don't let things get to me as much as they used to.
I am thinner.
I am more accepting of my body.
I have take active steps to shape myself up inside and out.

That said...

Just when I am actually ok with myself someone chooses that exact moment to make me feel like shit about myself. I guess everyone needs a reality check time and again. But it does make you think. Am I wrong in my thoughts? Are others more accurate? Am I fooling myself?

I don't know the answer but I have a lot to think about and I am actively trying to lose weight and tone myself. I have set some goal for myself and dates. I think if I say it out loud I will feel more accountable. Which is kinda how I work. If others know then I am more likely to do it cause then I would be letting others down in my word.

So there is that. :)


Sal said...

Shit. Did you get a nasty comment? LET ME AT 'EM! Flippin' evil haters.

You should, obviously, do whatever is going to make your body healthiest and most beautiful to YOU, but, for the record, I'm a newcomer and I think you're a knockout as-is.

hillary said...

You are a peach! My husband said same thing. Let me at em! haaa.
Yeah sometimes people like to be mean. I am MUCH more thick skinned than I used to be let me tell you that!

I need to become stronger, physically. I am healthy weight but I am a weakling from years of avoiding the gym. YEARS.

Anonymous said...

Hillary, I think you are truly amazing! When I look at the two pictures above I am in awe - that is quite the transformation you have made. When I first discovered you on Flickr I kept thinking to myself, "wow, this chick is fierce!". Your wardrobe and outfits were amazing and you had soooo many "Flickr Frens". I soon realized that you weren't just a gal with great clothes, but a truly awesome person that knew about a lot of cool topics, was super interesting and witty and most of all a genuinely nice person.
I can't believe people would try to take that away from you and tear you down. All I can say is don't let it - they obviously are just trying to be a bully based on their own inadequate feelings they have about themself.
And oh yeah, let me at 'em!! Tuesday is just a good of a day as any for a bitch slappin'! :-)

futurelint said...

I feel pretty lucky I haven't gotten the nasty comments on my blog (yet- just the pervs for now)... all I can say from one pic to the other is -
You've come a long way baby!
You look so reserved and shy in the old picture, and it almost looks like your new picture is eyeballin' her! Love the ruffly shirt and the cute flippy hair!

hillary said...

I am gripingly shy. Painful even. I am just better at taking photos. Odd to think to outsiders but I was way more out going then. I've become very quiet the past few years. Since the robbery. It didn't emotionally scar me or anything I just don't trust people and stay quiet til I know you (in person I mean online is different )
Oh the nasty comments wasn't on my blog. I've never had any bad blog comments. It was from someone who knows me!