Thursday, April 16, 2009

geek, nerd or dork

I was going for geek chic today.

Shirt its blue and white Target
Ring Etsy I can look up the girls name if anyone wants to know
Bow gift
Jeans with sewn in crease Banana Republic and hemmed 6 inches
Shoes Cole Haan. Single most expensive shoes I have ever bought. I call them Tax shoes. They have a funky heel and Nike Air technology
Cami H&M
Glasses Chanel coke bottle RX mother nature.
Watch Kenneth Cole
Pants held up with INVISIBELT! woot! No more pullupage all day

I will never do geek chic as cool as mimi but I can at least try. I copy Mimi and Becktress more than everyone else combined. Both are cali girls... hrm.

Now on the topic of am I a geek, nerd or dork, I identify with geek. In my definition...
Nerd is someone who is VERY smaht (yes its spelled right and if you get it you are a dork and I love you) A nerd can look like a model or well like they stepped off Revenge of the Nerds set.
Geek is someone who appears to be nerdy in appearance but isn't NECESSARILY smart. (its all about looking smart in this category)
Dork is what you get when you combine the smart of a nerd and the uncool of a geek.

So I am a geek. I am not really cool, I have no social life, I like trivial pursuit but I am not the smartest on the block. (I know what you are thinking mom. But when compared to well say the Sanders family....) Dave for example is a Nerd to the Nth degree (or is that n2nd)

I am no dummy I am just not gonna be winning a Nobel prize, nor will I be figuring out the weight baring load for a truss. And you know what I am happy about that.
But I am very street smart. I am kinda book smart and I am very, very good at knowing what the "best" thing to do is no matter the situation. I am practical as hell too, not something I got from my parents. :P I love them but I am the level headed one in the family. heeee


Megan said...

When I blogged in college I remember I did a post on the differences between nerds, dorks, and geeks. I dated each kind and got a first-hand account on how they operate. I am glad that you know they are not all the same!

hillary said...

well having been each one of them at points in my life...

I left out how I was on Dean's and President's list in college and was a straight A student my last 3 years.

But alas that was the past.

MLE said...

See now, here is how I saw it:
A nerd is someone who is smart - brains first - but not necessarily cool and often a bit socially inept.

A geek is someone who is kind of nerdy (and pretty freaking smart) but always, always cool and kind of quirky in their geekiness.

I was never a geek (although I so wanted to be). I am a nerd all the way.

mamichan said...

Um, I love you more every day. We should sit around and play scrabble and trivial pursuit. They're the only 2 board games I own!

Eyeliah @ said...

Hey, I got the scrabble ring too.... also an H4 :-)