Friday, April 24, 2009

Friday sweet sweet friday I could kiss you

And I would leave a lovely mark I must say.

green cross front shirt and cardigan NY and co
Jeans Dear by Amanda Bynes
Clarks Sandals
Earrings High Gear
Lipstick Besame red by Besame
I did a new batch of Style Inspiration photos on Flickr yesterday. The theme is sculpted hair, feminine and very tailored. A bit of change from the French laid back from earlier this year but still the 50's glamour. I have photos of Jackie Kennedy (I can't call her Jackie O she really is Mass royalty I like to think of her with JFK),

Gwen Stefani, Gwenyth Paltrow, Mary Tyler Moore.

Today my makeup is a cue from Gwen with a twist (I did shimmer eyeshadow and she usually sticks to just liner but I can't get it as thick as hers, yet.)

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Kelly said...

Your hair looks especially awesome today