Friday, April 03, 2009

Friday. oh boy finally!

Marc Jacobs INSPIRED jacket Tahget
B&W tank H&M
Green scoop rouchy 3.4 sleeve shirt Tahget
Sweetheart Jeans Old Navy. I think I decided I don't like them
Wedges YSL
Scarf tied in bow Marc Jacobs
Earrings I made them.
Cocktail ring High Gear

Its like pea soup today and the wind was really strong coming off the water. Most the pics are of fixing my hair. heee. Its supposed to pour all day so i went with comfort. I wear jeans a lot. Multiple times a week usually. Jeans and a t-shirt are not me and you won't ever see me in them. I have maybe 3 photos of such outfits and the T's were always fancy. When ever people talk about throwing on a t and jeans and instant chic I stare at them with a blank look. EVERY time I wear jeans I feel like a sclumb. Everytime. Doesn't matter what else I have on. I also feel people are looking at me in disapproval. Yes everytime. I know this is just a personal issue with me but that is why I started wearing dresses so often. On the flip side I always feel pulled together in a dress. But since I have a job where I sit all day. Jeans are much more comfortable than a dress. Mostly because of the tights and I like fiddly dresses. I am not a loose flowy girl so most my dresses require me to sit upright bah. I like to slouch like a teenage boy when I am at my desk.

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